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  • Posted: Mar 5
    Recent UW graduate Debbie Shinstine was honored 2014 MPC Outstanding Student of the Year at the 17th Annual Council of University Transportation Centers Winter Banquet. The U.S. Department of Transportation honors an outstanding student each year for achievement and the potential future contributions to the transportation field. Students are selected based on their accomplishments, academic merit, research and leadership.
  • Posted: Mar 4
    Wesley E. Marshall, Alejandro Henao, and Rachael Bronson
    While high income represents one path to resilience, our results suggest higher resilience in locations with proximity to high levels of employment, with more compact and connected street networks that facilitate walking and bicycling, and/or with better transit infrastructure. Current transit usage...
  • Posted: Mar 3
    Andrea Huseth
    Older drivers are overrepresented in motor vehicle crash fatalities. As the U.S. population continues to age, this problem will grow. Health care providers (HCPs) are in a position to provide their older patients with education which may prevent further motor vehicle fatalities. Rural older adults are more likely to equate driving with mobility and quality of life due to...
  • Posted: Feb 25
    Do you know someone who's contribution to the transportation industry has put North Dakota and the region on the fast track? Do you know someone who has been a leader, a builder, a facilitator, a planner, or a visionary working on behalf of transportation? Please introduce them to us. That individual may deserve one of the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute's annual awards.
  • Posted: Feb 24
    This issue of the newsletter will provide you with updates on graduate school news, important NDSU dates, and recent/upcoming happenings in the transportation field. This issue also includes a variety of upcoming transportation conferences, workshops, and webinars.
  • Posted: Feb 13
    Kevin Heaslip, Ryan Bosworth, Ryan Barnes, Ali Soltani Sobh, and Michael Thomas
    The growing uncertainty about oil prices and availability has made long-range transportation planning more challenging. Rather than relying on trend extrapolation, this study uses market mechanisms to evaluate key long-range transportation planning assumptions.
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