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Annual Reports

2014 Annual Report Highlights

Education & Workforce Development — Students in North Dakota State University's railroad planning and design class were able to hear from experts in rail operations and regulation during the fall semester. Instructors for the course, MPC director Denver Tolliver and civil engineering assistant professor Ying Huang, invited managers from a North Dakota short line railroad and officials from the Federal Railway Administration to be guest lecturers in the class. [view the full article]

Outreach — MPC work at the University of Wyoming was featured in the "Research Pays Off" section of the September–October 2014 edition of TR News. The feature article explores the Wyoming Rural Road Safety Program (WRRSP), which was developed to help local and tribal governments improve highway safety at high-risk locations. [view the full article]

Research — As part of a study to develop design guidelines, Students and researchers at the University of Colorado Denver hit the streets in the summer and fall of 2014 to learn how urban arterial streets – those with fast and heavy traffic – impact residents of local Denver neighborhoods through the Denver Neighborhood Connections Survey. [view the full article]

The above articles and more can be found in the 2014 Annual Report (PDF, 7558K).

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