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Annual Reports

2013 Annual Report Highlights

Education — As part of an MPC project, Blaine Fanning, a student at Colorado State University interned with Triunity Engineering and Management, Inc., during the construction of a new pedestrian bridge and bus box at the renovated Union Station in Denver. The internship allowed Fanning to gather data for his research on the use of building information modeling in infrastructure projects. [view the full article]

Outreach — MPC helped sponsor a Global Sustainability, Transportation and Supply Chain Conference hosted by the University of Denver to enhance public awareness related to policy issues facing freight and passenger transportation in maintaining a sustainable, global supply chain. [view the full article]

Research — University of Utah researchers are investigating why many drivers support legislation to curb cell phone use while driving while they regularly engage in that behavior themselves. [view the full article]

The above articles and more can be found in the 2013 Annual Report (PDF, 12837K).

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