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Research Projects (1999-00)

Project #TitleUniversity
MPC-176Road Dust Suppression: Effect on Maintenance, Stability, Safety and the EnvironmentColorado State University
MPC-177Moment-Rotation Tests of High Performance Steel (HPS) I-Girders
Final Report(s): MPC-03-148
Colorado State University
MPC-178Experimental Wood-Concrete Railroad BridgeColorado State University
MPC-179Full-Scale Laboratory Testing of a Timber Railroad Bridge-ContinuationColorado State University
MPC-180North Front Range Transportation Research Internships
Final Report(s): MPC-01-124
Colorado State University
MPC-181University Transportation Survey
Final Report(s): MPC-03-150
Colorado State University
MPC-182Evaluating the Long Term Pavement Performance Data
Final Report(s): MPC-02-130
University of Wyoming
MPC-183Defining a Road Safety Audits Program for Enhancing Safety and Reducing Tort Liability
Final Report(s): MPC-00-113
University of Wyoming
MPC-184Accident Data Availability
Final Report(s): MPC-01-118
University of Utah
MPC-185Incident Detection Algorithm Evaluation
Final Report(s): MPC-01-122
University of Utah
MPC-186Evaluation of Road Weather Information System (RWIS) Data and Dissemination of Data to Public
Final Report(s): MPC-01-119
University of Utah
MPC-187Survey of the Educational and Human Capital Needs of the Transportation Construction Industry
Final Report(s): MPC-02-134
North Dakota State University
MPC-188An Evaluation of the Impacts of ITS/CVO Technologies throughout the Supply Chain
Final Report(s): MPC-01-117A
North Dakota State University
MPC-189The Differential Effects of Deregulation on Rail Rates
Final Report(s): MPC-03-144
North Dakota State University
MPC-190Grain Highway Network Analysis: Use of Satellite Imagery and USDA Data to Forecast Heavy Truck Trips Generated from Rural Land Use ZonesNorth Dakota State University
MPC-191Transportation and Logistics Characteristics of the Potato Industry: Implications for Highway Planning
Final Report(s): MPC-01-123
North Dakota State University
MPC-192Biennial Strategic Transportation AnalysisNorth Dakota State University
NDSU Dept 2880P.O. Box 6050Fargo, ND 58108-6050