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Research Projects (2001-02)

Project #TitleUniversity
MPC-214Pultruded Composite Shear Spike for Repair of Large Timber Members
Final Report(s): MPC-04-163
Colorado State University
MPC-215Structural Modeling of Substructure Resistance for Timber Trestle Railroad Bridges
Final Report(s): MPC-06-184
Colorado State University
MPC-216Experimental Thick-Deck Wood-Concrete Highway Bridge Construction
Final Report(s): MPC-04-165
Colorado State University
MPC-217Road Dust Suppression: Effect on Maintenance, Stability, Safety and the Environment (cont.)
Final Report(s): MPC-04-156
Colorado State University
MPC-218Leveraging Technology Investments - Integration of GPS, GIS and Maintenance ManagementNorth Dakota State University
MPC-219Bus Rapid Transit: An Examination of Political Feasibility Using Case Studies
Final Report(s): MPC-06-178
North Dakota State University
MPC-220Costs, Pricing, and Regulatory Alternatives for Mergers
Final Report(s): MPC-03-145
North Dakota State University
MPC-221Trip Generation Rates for Grain Elevators: A Tool for State and Local Highway Planners
Final Report(s): MPC-06-185
North Dakota State University
MPC-222Strategies for Improving DOT Employee Retention and MotivationNorth Dakota State University
MPC-223Evaluating the Impact of Dot's QC/QA Programs on Pavement Performance
Final Report(s): MPC-03-146, MPC-04-160
University of Wyoming
MPC-224Utilizing the GLWT in Evaluating Moisture Susceptibility of Asphalt Mixes
Final Report(s): MPC-02-138
University of Wyoming
MPC-225Evaluation of the I-15 High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes
Final Report(s): MPC-04-158
University of Utah
MPC-226Adaptive Signal Control for Downtown Salt Lake City, Part II
Final Report(s): MPC-03-141
University of Utah
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