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Research Projects (2004-05)

Project #TitleUniversity
 North Front Range Transportation Research InternshipsColorado State University
MPC-234Impact Performance Testing of Roadway Safety & Security Barriers
Final Report(s): MPC-03-143, MPC-05-172
Colorado State University
MPC-247Utilizing Recycled Glass in RoadwaysUniversity of Wyoming
MPC-248Wyoming Freight Movement System Vulnerabilities and ITS
Final Report(s): MPC-13-261
University of Wyoming
MPC-249Pultruded Composite Shear Spike for Repair of Timber Bridge Members
Final Report(s): MPC-05-173
Colorado State University
MPC-250Interactive Effects of Traffic- and Environmental-Related Pavement DeteriorationNorth Dakota State University
MPC-251Adaptive Signal Control III
Final Report(s): MPC-06-182
University of Utah
MPC-252High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes Evaluation III
Final Report(s): MPC-05-174
University of Utah
MPC-253Effectiveness of Traveler Information Systems
Final Report(s): MPC-05-175
University of Utah
MPC-254Utah Intersection Safety: Issues, Contributing Factors and Mitigations
Final Report(s): MPC-05-176
University of Utah
MPC-255Network Planning Model for Local and Regional Railroad SystemsNorth Dakota State University
MPC-256Legal Establishment of County Roads
Final Report(s): MPC-07-191
University of Wyoming
NDSU Dept 2880P.O. Box 6050Fargo, ND 58108-6050