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NDSU offers doctoral, masters, and certificate programs in transportation in addition to an undergraduate option. The interdisciplinary programs include courses from expert faculty in transportation, engineering, applied economics, agribusiness, computer science, and more. Students participate in research through the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute. The Transportation graduate programs will enhance your knowledge, skills, and opportunities for a successful career in the transportation industry.The UTCP educational goal is "a multidisciplinary program of course work and experiential learning that reinforces the transportation theme of the Center." The MPC educational plan is consistent with national goals to (1) introduce transportation concepts in elementary and secondary education; (2) vocational and technical training; (3) transportation degree programs; international and multidisciplinary; and (4) mid-career transportation training.

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The Mountain-Plains Consortium Outstanding Student of the Year Award annually recognizes an outstanding transportation student at one of the MPC member universities.

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