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Project(s) found for Active Grants and All Universities
YearProject #TitleStatusUniversity
2015MPC-480A Comprehensive Safety Assessment Methodology for Innovative Geometric DesignsCompletedUtah State University
2014MPC-446A Modified Approach for Predicting Fracture of Steel Components under Combined Large Inelastic Axial and Shear Strain CyclesCompletedColorado State University
2016MPC-529Alternative in-situ Water-Cement Meter Using a Parallel-Plate Capacitor ConceptActiveUniversity of Utah
2016MPC-505An Intelligent Transportation Systems Approach to Railroad Infrastructure Performance EvaluationCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2015MPC-475Analysis of the Relationship of Roadside Inspections on Large Truck CrashesCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2014MPC-461Analytical Modeling for Progressive Failure Assessment of Curved and Skewed Highway Bridges Subjected to Seismic HazardsActiveColorado State University
2014MPC-458Application of a Multi-Agent System with the Large-Scale Agent-Based Model for Freight Demand ModelingCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2017MPC-541Assessing Road Conditions for Wyoming County Gravel RoadsActiveUniversity of Wyoming
2018MPC-567Assessing Teen Driver Safety Interventions: Graduated Driver Licensing and Parent Advisory LettersActiveNorth Dakota State University
2014MPC-451Assessing the Cost-Effectiveness of Wyoming's CMAQ Unpaved Road Dust Suppression Program, Year 1ActiveUniversity of Wyoming
2015MPC-451Assessing the Cost-Effectiveness of Wyoming's CMAQ Unpaved Road Dust Suppression Program, Year 2ActiveUniversity of Wyoming
2019MPC-598Assessing the Effectiveness of the Wyoming Connected Vehicle Pilot Program: New Traffic Safety Research PerspectivesActiveUniversity of Wyoming
2017MPC-551Automated Track Geometry Monitoring SystemActiveNorth Dakota State University
2016MPC-507Automating Inspection and Damage Assessment of Transportation Infrastructure with Photographic ImagingActiveColorado State University
2019MPC-597Bacteria Removal from Stormwater Runoff Using Steel Byproduct FiltersActiveSouth Dakota State University
2017MPC-549Benefit Cost Analysis of Railroad Track Monitoring Using Sensors On-Board Revenue Service TrainsActiveNorth Dakota State University
2015MPC-473Bicycle and Pedestrian Design for Rural CommunitiesActiveUniversity of Wyoming
2017MPC-543Big Transportation Data AnalyticsActiveUniversity of Utah
2016MPC-510Business and Commute Optimization System: Development and Denver-Based Case StudyCompletedUniversity of Colorado Denver, Colorado State University
2016MPC-503Characterization of Crushed Bases in WyomingCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2018MPC-575Characterization of the Plant-Based Bio-Asphalt Binder and Bio-AdditivesActiveSouth Dakota State University
2015MPC-477Characterizing the ductility of Portland cement stabilized soilActiveUtah State University
2015MPC-497Compaction Testing of Granular MaterialsActiveSouth Dakota State University
2014MPC-459Comparison between 1993 AASHTO Pavement Design Guide and Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide with North Dakota Case StudyTerminatedNorth Dakota State University
2018MPC-583Composite Repair for Concrete Bridges Subjected to Alkali-Silica ReactionActiveUniversity of Colorado Denver
2017MPC-554Composite-based Rehabilitation of Constructed Bridge Girders with Grooved GeometricsActiveUniversity of Colorado Denver
2019MPC-599Connected-Autonomous Traffic Signal Control Algorithms for Trucks and Fleet VehiclesActiveUniversity of Wyoming
2018MPC-585Constrained System-Optimal Route Planning in support of Fleet Route Planning, Ridesourcing, and RidesharingActiveUniversity of Colorado Denver
2015MPC-482Coupled Numerical Simulation of Debris Flow-Soil-Structure Interactions for Flexible Barrier Mitigation SystemsActiveColorado State University
2015MPC-371Crash Analysis and Decision Support for Truck Safety and Weight Compliance through Strategic Enforcement and Education, Year 2CompletedNorth Dakota State University
2014MPC-449Determining the Uncertainty in the Current Condition of Bridges for Use in Risk Based Inspection and ManagementCompletedColorado State University
2019MPC-600Developing a Prototype System for Establishing Passing and No-Passing Zones of Two-Lane HighwaysActiveUniversity of Wyoming
2015MPC-472Developing an Optimization Model for Managing County Paved Roads, Year 1ActiveUniversity of Wyoming
2016MPC-472Developing an Optimization Model for Managing County Paved Roads, Year 2ActiveUniversity of Wyoming
2016MPC-522Development of a Guideline for Selection of Tack Coats in South DakotaActiveSouth Dakota State University
2015MPC-485Development of a Model to Assess the Feasibility of Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) ProjectsCompletedColorado State University
2017MPC-536Development of Age and State Dependent Stochastic Model for Improved Bridge Deterioration PredictionActiveColorado State University
2015MPC-501Development of an Alternative to the Double Tee Bridge SystemCompletedSouth Dakota State University
2019MPC-592Development of an Autonomous Transportation Infrastructure Inspection System Based on Unmanned Aerial VehiclesActiveColorado State University
2015MPC-498Development of Mixed Media Filtration for Stormwater Runoff TreatmentActiveSouth Dakota State University
2017MPC-548Development of Models for the Prediction of Shear Strength of Swelling ClaysActiveNorth Dakota State University
2014MPC-464Development of Network-Based Measures and Computational Methods for Evaluating the Redundancy of Transportation NetworksCompletedUtah State University
2016MPC-524Development of Next Generation Liquefaction Database for Liquefaction-Induced Lateral SpreadActiveUniversity of Utah
2014MPC-465Development of Performance Matrices for Evaluating Innovative Intersections and InterchangesCompletedUniversity of Utah
2017MPC-535Development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Bridge Inspection ProceduresActiveColorado State University
2016MPC-525Does Cell Phone Use Impair Learning and Improvement in Driving Performance?ActiveUniversity of Utah
2015MPC-492Early-Age Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Properties for OverlaysCompletedUniversity of Utah
2015MPC-484Effect of Service Temperature on Joint Removal in Steel BridgesCompletedColorado State University
2015MPC-488Effects of Infill Development and Regional Growth on At-Risk Populations' Exposure to Traffic DensityCompletedUniversity of Colorado Denver
2015MPC-471Enhancement of Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide for Roadway Design, Construction and RehabilitationCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2016MPC-521Evaluating Relationships between Perception-Reaction Times, Emergency Deceleration Rates, and Crash Outcomes using Naturalistic Driving DataCompletedSouth Dakota State University
2014MPC-470Evaluating Transportation Professional Development and Continuing Education CoursesCompletedUtah State University
2017MPC-562Evaluation of Durability and Structural Performance of Concrete with Embedded Inductive CoilsActiveUtah State University
2018MPC-584Expanding the Capabilities of Business Commute Optimization System to Model Additional Transportation Alternatives and On-Demand NeedsActiveUniversity of Colorado Denver
2016MPC-509Expansive Soil Mitigation for Transportation Earthworks by Polymer AmendmentActiveColorado State University
2015MPC-502Experimental and Computational Study of Self-Consolidating Concrete for Prestressed Bridge GirdersCompletedSouth Dakota State University
2016MPC-508Experimental Evaluation of a New Double Composite System for Steel BridgesActiveColorado State University
2018MPC-570Experiments and Modeling for Infrastructure Data-Derived Fuel Economy and Safety ImprovementsActiveColorado State University
2017MPC-542Exploratory Modeling and Analysis for Automated Vehicles in UtahActiveUniversity of Utah
2017MPC-546Field Performance of Asphalt Pavements at Low and Intermediate TemperaturesActiveUniversity of Utah
2016MPC-520Financial Benefits of Proposed Access Management TreatmentsActiveSouth Dakota State University
2014MPC-466First and Last Mile Strategies for Transit SystemsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2016MPC-531Flood Hydrograph Generation for Predicting Bridge Scour in Cohesive SoilsActiveSouth Dakota State University
2017MPC-556Forging a Path to Vision Zero in the US: A Critical Analysis of Road Safety in AustraliaActiveUniversity of Colorado Denver
2016MPC-532Further Validation of Safety Culture Measurement Tool for Improving Safety in Commuter Rail OperationsCompletedUniversity of Denver
2015MPC-474Highway Safety Manual Part D: Validation and Application in WyomingCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2015MPC-476Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Traffic Hazard Forecasting ModelCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2016MPC-528Hotspot and Sampling Analysis for Effective Maintenance Management and Performance MonitoringCompletedUniversity of Utah
2019MPC-588Hybrid Bridge Bents Using Post-tensioned Precast Columns for Accelerated Bridge Construction in High Seismic RegionsActiveUniversity of Utah
2015MPC-409Identification of Fatigue Countermeasures for Adjusted Work Schedules Designed to Manage Fatigue During Peak Service Demand Periods in the Shortline Railroad Industry, Year 2CompletedUniversity of Denver
2017MPC-559Identifying Effective Travel Behavior Change Strategies for Poor Air Quality Events in Northern UtahActiveUtah State University
2019MPC-590Impact of Connected Vehicle Technology on Traffic Safety under Different Highway Geometric DesignsActiveUniversity of Utah
2016MPC-514Impacts of Ridesourcing on VMT, Parking Demand, Transportation Equity, and Travel BehaviorCompletedUniversity of Colorado Denver
2014MPC-462Implementation of Aerial LiDAR Technology to Update Highway Feature InventoryCompletedUtah State University
2018MPC-580Implementation of Precast Concrete Segments for Electrified RoadwayActiveUtah State University
2016MPC-504Improved Element-Level Bridge Inspection Criteria for Better Bridge Management and PreservationActiveNorth Dakota State University
2014MPC-469Improving Efficiency and Reliability of Bus Rapid TransitCompletedUniversity of Utah
2019MPC-604Improving Safety in Transit and Freight Operations: Development of a Safety Leadership Training Model to Improve Safety CultureActiveUniversity of Denver
2015MPC-493Incorporating Maintenance Costs and Considerations into Highway Design DecisionsActiveUniversity of Utah
2015MPC-481Incorporating River Network Structure for Improved Hydrologic Design of Transportation InfrastructureActiveColorado State University
2018MPC-572Incorporating Tourism Data in Traffic Estimation on Wyoming Low-Volume RoadsActiveUniversity of Wyoming
2017MPC-547Infrastructure Safety Support System for Smart Cities with Autonomous VehiclesActiveNorth Dakota State University
2016MPC-516Innovative Strengthening for Deteriorated Concrete Bridges Using Embedded Composite Sheets Bonded with Polyester-silicaActiveUniversity of Colorado Denver
2018MPC-578Integrated Strategic and Operational Planning for a Fast-Charging Battery Electric Bus SystemActiveUtah State University
2015MPC-483Interaction Analysis of Girder Bridges and Traffic System Subjected to Earthquakes, Year 1CompletedColorado State University
2016MPC-483Interaction Analysis of Girder Bridges and Traffic System subjected to Earthquakes, Year 2CompletedColorado State University
2019MPC-603Investigating Bicyclist Safety Perceptions and Behaviors at RoundaboutsActiveUtah State University
2015MPC-487Investigation of Cross Laminated Timber Bridge Decks as a Sustainable Solution for Repair of Deficient Rural Wood Bridges, Year 1ActiveColorado State University
2016MPC-487Investigation of Cross Laminated Timber Bridge Decks as a Sustainable Solution for Repair of Deficient Rural Wood Bridges, Year 2ActiveColorado State University
2017MPC-544Lifecycle Assessment Using Snowplow Trucks' Automatic Vehicle Location DataActiveUniversity of Utah
2019MPC-602Local Road Safety Program Evaluation: Perceptions, Experiences & ImplementationActiveNorth Dakota State University
2015MPC-478Long-Term Behavior of Precast Concrete BridgesCompletedUtah State University
2015MPC-490Longevity of Air Pollution Mitigating Photo-Catalytic Coatings on Transportation InfrastructureActiveUniversity of Utah
2019MPC-596Measurement of Turbulent Flow Characteristics and Bed Shear Stress in Laboratory Soil Erosion TestsActiveSouth Dakota State University
2016MPC-511Mechanical Bar Splices for Accelerated Bridge Construction of ColumnsCompletedSouth Dakota State University
2019MPC-595Mechanically Spliced Precast Bridge ColumnsActiveSouth Dakota State University
2016MPC-523Methodology for Load Rating Double-Tee BridgesCompletedSouth Dakota State University
2019MPC-586Mitigation of Differential Settlement at Highway Bridge ApproachesActiveUniversity of Utah
2018MPC-568Mitigation of Flooding-Related Traffic Disruptions with Green Infrastructure Stormwater ManagementActiveColorado State University
2015MPC-479Modeling Multi-class Truck Traffic Assignment Method with Different Traffic Restraint ConstraintsActiveUtah State University
2018MPC-571Monitoring Transportation Structure Integrity Loss and Risk with Structure-From-MotionActiveColorado State University
2017MPC-553Multi-Business Commute Optimization System: System Development and Pilot Case StudyActiveUniversity of Colorado Denver
2016MPC-519Operational and Safety Analysis with Mitigation Strategies for Freeway Truck Traffic in WYActiveUniversity of Wyoming
2017MPC-558Optimal Deployment of Dynamic Charging Lanes for Plug-in Hybrid TrucksActiveUtah State University
2016MPC-513Optimal Deployment of Wireless Charging Facilities for an Electric Bus SystemCompletedUtah State University
2017MPC-563Optimized Adhesive Performance in Electronic Transportation Sign ConstructionActiveSouth Dakota State University
2014MPC-468Performance Evaluation of Highway Surface Treatments, Phase I: Short-Term PerformanceActiveUniversity of Utah
2014MPC-456Performance of Steel Girders Repaired with Advanced Composite Sheets in a Corrosive Environment: A Multi-Physics Approach Leading to Practical Design RecommendationsCompletedUniversity of Colorado Denver
2014MPC-447Post-Fire Ground Treatments for Protection of Critical Transportation Structures, Year 1ActiveColorado State University
2016MPC-447Post-Fire Ground Treatments for Protection of Critical Transportation Structures, Year 2ActiveColorado State University
2016MPC-512Pre-stress Losses and Development of Short-Term Data Acquisition System for Bridge MonitoringCompletedUtah State University
2015MPC-496Prevention of Low Temperature Cracking of PavementsActiveUniversity of Utah
2019MPC-593Probabilistic Modeling of Landslide Hazards to Improve the Resilience of Transportation InfrastructureActiveColorado State University
2018MPC-574Proposing New Speed Limit in Mountainous Areas Considering the Effect of Longitudinal Grades, Vehicle Characteristics, and the Weather ConditionActiveUniversity of Wyoming
2018MPC-573Proposing the Super DDI Design to Improve the Performance of Failing Service Interchanges in Mountain-Plains RegionActiveUniversity of Wyoming
2017MPC-537Quantifying Mountain Basin Runoff Mechanisms for Better Hydrologic Design of Bridges and CulvertsActiveColorado State University
2018MPC-564Quantifying the Range of Variability in the Flexural Strength of Fiber Reinforced Concrete using Monte Carlo SimulationCompletedSouth Dakota State University
2017MPC-560Rapid Set Cement for Precast Prestressed Bridge Girder ApplicationsActiveUtah State University
2017MPC-557Reassessing Child Pedestrian Mode Choice & Safety via Perceived Parental RiskCompletedUniversity of Colorado Denver
2016MPC-515Redefining the Child Pedestrian Safety ParadigmCompletedUniversity of Colorado Denver
2014MPC-448Reducing Flood Vulnerability of Communities with Limited Road Access by Optimizing Bridge ElevationActiveColorado State University
2014MPC-454Regional Implementation of Tribal Transportation Safety ProgramActiveUniversity of Wyoming
2015MPC-500Rehabilitation of Longitudinal Joints in Double-Tee Bridge GirdersActiveSouth Dakota State University
2014MPC-463Rehabilitation Project Selection and Scheduling in Transportation NetworksCompletedUtah State University
2017MPC-561Reliability-Based Assessment of Landslide Risk Along RoadwaysActiveUtah State University
2019MPC-591Reliability-Based Traffic Safety Risk Function of Traffic System in Hazardous Driving Conditions to Promote Community ResilienceActiveColorado State University
2016MPC-506Reliable Prediction of Shear Strength of Swelling ClaysActiveNorth Dakota State University
2017MPC-538Representative Testing of Expansive Soil Treatment Technologies for Transportation EarthworksActiveColorado State University
2015MPC-499Reuse of Aqueous Waste Streams in Transportation-Related ApplicationsCompletedSouth Dakota State University
2016MPC-517Route Planning for Enhanced Transportation Network Utilization: A System Optimization Approach for Route Planning in Advanced Traveler Information SystemsActiveUniversity of Colorado Denver
2018MPC-582Safety Culture, Leadership & Fatigue in Transportation OperationsActiveUniversity of Denver
2015MPC-495Safety Effects of Protected and Protected/Permitted Left-Turn PhasesActiveUniversity of Utah
2017MPC-550Safety Support System for Highway-Rail Grade CrossingActiveNorth Dakota State University
2016MPC-530Screening of South Dakota Asphalt Mixes for Moisture Damage using Conventional and Innovative ApproachesActiveSouth Dakota State University
2016MPC-526Seismic Repair of Concrete Wall Piers Using CFRP Active ConfinementActiveUniversity of Utah
2017MPC-545Self-Centering Bridge Bent for Accelerated Bridge Construction in Seismic RegionsActiveUniversity of Utah
2015MPC-491Self-Centering Buckling Restrained Braces for Curved BridgesCompletedUniversity of Utah
2014MPC-467Self-Regulation and DistractionCompletedUniversity of Utah
2019MPC-601Sensitivity and Accuracy Assessment of Vehicle Weigh-in-Motion System Measurement Errors Using In-Pavement Strain-Based SensorsActiveNorth Dakota State University
2014MPC-453Speed Selection Behavior during Winter Road ConditionsActiveUniversity of Wyoming
2015MPC-494Statistical Analysis and Sampling Standards for Maintenance Management Quality AssuranceCompletedUniversity of Utah
2016MPC-527Strategic Planning and Design for Electric Bus SystemsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2018MPC-581Structural Fiber Reinforcement to Reduce Deck Reinforcement and Improve Long-Term PerformanceActiveUtah State University
2018MPC-565Study on Structural Performance Evaluation of Double-Tee BridgesActiveSouth Dakota State University
2018MPC-566Supporting Tribal Crash Data Utilization and Strengthening Institutional Capacity for Effective Traffic Safety ProgramsActiveNorth Dakota State University
2018MPC-576Sustainable Alternative to Structurally Deficient BridgesActiveSouth Dakota State University
2015MPC-486Sustainable Heated Pavements for Infrastructure Longevity, Safety and Economic CompetivenessActiveColorado State University
2014MPC-460Technology and Workforce Development for Remote Sensing of the Transportation InfrastructureCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2017MPC-555Testing Irrationality in Metered Parking Payment ComplianceActiveUniversity of Colorado Denver
2017MPC-552The Effects of Autonomous Vehicles on Safety and Safety Culture in Freight OperationsActiveUniversity of Denver
2015MPC-489The Unresolved Relationship between Street Trees and Road SafetyCompletedUniversity of Colorado Denver
2017MPC-534Traffic Performance Assessment of Disrupted Roadway Networks Following EarthquakesActiveColorado State University
2018MPC-569Traffic Performance Modeling and Planning of Emergency Medical Response in Rural AreasActiveColorado State University
2019MPC-594Transferring Research Innovations in Bridge Inspection Planning to Bridge Inspection PracticeActiveColorado State University
2016MPC-518Tribal Crash Reporting in ND: Practices, Perceptions, and Systematic ImplementationActiveNorth Dakota State University
2014MPC-457Tribal Emergency Preparedness PlanningCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2017MPC-539Ultra-accelerated Method to Evaluate Recycled Concrete Aggregate in New ConstructionActiveUniversity of Wyoming
2017MPC-540Updating and Implementing the Grade Severity Rating System (GSRS) for Wyoming Mountain PassesActiveUniversity of Wyoming
2014MPC-452Updating the Highway Safety Manual 2010 - Part C: Regional Consideration of the Rocky Mountains and Plain RegionsCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2019MPC-587Use of Geogrid in Pavement Systems to Provide Longer Service Life and Reduced MaintenanceActiveUniversity of Utah
2017MPC-533Use of Life Cycle Cost Analysis to Enhance Inspection Planning for Transportation InfrastructureActiveColorado State University
2019MPC-589Use of the IDEAL-CT Test for Pavement Cracking to Achieve a Balanced Asphalt Mix DesignActiveUniversity of Utah
2018MPC-577Uses and Challenges of Collecting LiDAR Data from a Growing Autonomous Vehicle Fleet: Implications for Infrastructure Planning and Inspection PracticesActiveUtah State University
2014MPC-450Using Building Information Modeling to Track and Assess Structural ConditionCompletedColorado State University
2018MPC-579Where the Sidewalk Ends: Equity Disparities with Respect to Municipal Maintenance PolicyActiveUniversity of Colorado Denver
2014MPC-455Why Are Bike-Friendly Cities Safer for All Road Users?CompletedUniversity of Colorado Denver
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