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Project(s) found for All Grants and North Dakota State University
YearProject #TitleStatusUniversity
2022MPC-684The Impact of Transportation Service on Food Access Among Native Americans in North Dakota: A Case StudyCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2022MPC-685MPC Regional Emergency Evacuation Analysis in Traffic with Connected and Autonomous VehiclesCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2021MPC-657Knowledge-Based Machine Learning for Freeway COVID-19 Traffic Impact Analysis and Traffic Incident ManagementCompletedNorth Dakota State University, University of Utah
2021MPC-658Analysis of Benefits and Costs for Gravel and Unpaved RoadsActiveNorth Dakota State University
2021MPC-665Remote Sensing of Transportation Assets Using Drones and Artificial IntelligenceActiveNorth Dakota State University
2021MPC-666Autonomous Aircraft Logistics: Challenges and OpportunitiesCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2021MPC-673Multimodal, Multistate Corridor Modeling for Long-Distance Movements of Food and Containerized GoodsActiveNorth Dakota State University
2021MPC-674MPC Tribal Transportation Training and Technology Transfer ProgramActiveNorth Dakota State University
2020MPC-628Impaired Driving Safety Program Strategies Pilot and Dashboard: Improving Prevention Outcomes Based on Subpopulation Risk Factors and Individualized Risk AssessmentCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2019MPC-601Sensitivity and Accuracy Assessment of Vehicle Weigh-in-Motion System Measurement Errors Using In-Pavement Strain-Based SensorsActiveNorth Dakota State University
2019MPC-602Local Road Safety Program Evaluation: Perceptions, Experiences & ImplementationCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2018MPC-566Supporting Tribal Crash Data Utilization and Strengthening Institutional Capacity for Effective Traffic Safety ProgramsActiveNorth Dakota State University
2018MPC-567Assessing Teen Driver Safety Parent Advisory Letter Intervention in Early and Full Implementation PhasesActiveNorth Dakota State University
2017MPC-547Infrastructure Safety Support System for Smart Cities with Autonomous VehiclesCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2017MPC-548Development of Models for the Prediction of Shear Strength of Swelling ClaysActiveNorth Dakota State University
2017MPC-549Benefit Cost Analysis of Railroad Track Monitoring Using Sensors On-Board Revenue Service TrainsCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2017MPC-550Safety Support System for Highway-Rail Grade CrossingCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2017MPC-551Automated Track Geometry Monitoring SystemCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2016MPC-504Improved Element-Level Bridge Inspection Criteria for Better Bridge Management and PreservationCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2016MPC-505An Intelligent Transportation Systems Approach to Railroad Infrastructure Performance EvaluationCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2016MPC-506Reliable Prediction of Shear Strength of Swelling ClaysCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2016MPC-518Tribal Crash Reporting in ND: Practices, Perceptions, and Systematic ImplementationCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2015MPC-371Crash Analysis and Decision Support for Truck Safety and Weight Compliance through Strategic Enforcement and Education, Year 2CompletedNorth Dakota State University
2015MPC-475Analysis of the Relationship of Roadside Inspections on Large Truck CrashesCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2015MPC-476Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Traffic Hazard Forecasting ModelCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2014MPC-457Tribal Emergency Preparedness PlanningCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2014MPC-458Application of a Multi-Agent System with the Large-Scale Agent-Based Model for Freight Demand ModelingCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2014MPC-459Comparison between 1993 AASHTO Pavement Design Guide and Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide with North Dakota Case StudyTerminatedNorth Dakota State University
2014MPC-460Technology and Workforce Development for Remote Sensing of the Transportation InfrastructureCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2013MPC-423Impact of Energy Sector Growth on Perceived Transportation Safety in the Seventeen County Oil Region of Western North Dakota: A Longitudinal AnalysisCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2013MPC-424Educational and Workforce Development Proposal: Ethics and Academic ConductCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2013MPC-425Building a Sustainable GIS Framework for Supporting a Tribal Transportation ProgramCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2013MPC-445A Sensor Fusion Approach to Assess Pavement Condition and Maintenance EffectivenessCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2012MPC-365Improved Understanding of Pavement Impacts and Cost-Effective Designs Based on Mechanistic Empirical MethodsCompletedUniversity of Wyoming, North Dakota State University
2012MPC-368Teen Drivers: Crash Factor AnalysisTerminatedNorth Dakota State University
2012MPC-369ND Motor Crash Analysis and Rider Assessment for Improved ConspicuityCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2012MPC-370Anticipatory Guidance for Older DriversCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2012MPC-371Decision Support for Strategic Truck Safety and Weight Enforcement Planning, Year 1CompletedNorth Dakota State University
2012MPC-372A Novel Methodology for Quantifying the Performance of Constructed Bridges in Cold Regions: Development, Assessment, and RepairCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2012MPC-373Damage Assessment, Characterization, and Modeling for Enhanced Design of Concrete Bridge Decks in Cold RegionsCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2012MPC-374An Integrated Real-Time Health Monitoring and Impact/Collision Detection System for Bridges in Cold Remote RegionsCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2012MPC-375Small Railroad Capital Investment Needs and Financial OptionsTerminatedNorth Dakota State University
2012MPC-376Improved Understanding of Pavements Impacts and Cost-Effective Designs Based on Mechanistic-Empirical MethodsCompletedNorth Dakota State University, University of Wyoming
2012MPC-387Comprehensive GIS-Based Rural Regional Transportation Planning ModelsTerminatedNorth Dakota State University
2010-11 Assessment of Planning Models for Indian Reservation RoadsCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2010-11 Railway Models for Educational PurposesCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2010-11MPC-344What Can We Learn About Making Driving Safer for Teen Drivers from Crashes in Three Rural States?CompletedNorth Dakota State University
2010-11MPC-345Systems Analysis to Improve Local Road Safety, Phase ICompletedNorth Dakota State University
2010-11MPC-346Marginal Cost Pricing and Subsidy of Transit in Small Urbanized AreasCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2010-11MPC-347Misinformation Contributing to Safety Issues in Vehicle Restraints for ChildrenCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2010-11MPC-348Transit Ridership and the Built EnvironmentCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2010-11MPC-349Modeling, Analysis and Evaluation of Urban Arterial Work ZoneTerminatedNorth Dakota State University
2010-11MPC-350Modeling and Evaluation of Traffic Signal Preemption near Railroad Crossings in Small Urban AreaTerminatedNorth Dakota State University
2010-11MPC-356Truck Size & Weight EducationCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2010-11MPC-357Freight Railway Track Maintenance Cost ModelCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2010-11MPC-358Connecting Supply Chain Interregional Freight FlowCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2010-11MPC-359Regional Roadway Surface Management Guidance DocumentsCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2009-10MPC-329Traffic Safety: Pilot Study to Assess Sustained and Multifaceted Activity on North Dakota's Rural RoadsCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2009-10MPC-330Integrate Supply Chain Model in Urban Freight PlanningCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2009-10MPC-331Using ND Traffic Records to Identify Higher Risk Teen DriversCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2009-10MPC-332Estimation of the Generalized Truck Freight Elasticity of Demand: Case Study of the Seattle-Tacoma to Chicago CorridorTerminatedNorth Dakota State University
2009-10MPC-333Implementing Traffic Safety Evaluations to Enhance Roadway SafetyCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2009-10MPC-334Proper Seat Placement of Children Aged 4 to 12 within VehiclesCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2009-10MPC-335Misinformation Contributing to Safety Issues in Vehicle Restraints for ChildrenCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2009-10MPC-336ND Wheat Transportation Knowledge for Market EnhancementCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2009-10MPC-337Analysis of Freight Railroad Fuel Efficiency with Comparisons to Waterway and Truck TransportationCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2008-09 2nd Division Drive Safe: Regional Rural Transportation Safety ConferenceCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2008-09 Inland Waterway Transportation ConferenceTerminatedNorth Dakota State University
2008-09 International Summit on Food and Agricultural TransportationCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2008-09 Regional Pavement Management Workshop for Asset ManagementCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2008-09MPC-308Phase I: Pilot Project to Develop Rural Youth Occupant Protection Education PlatformCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2008-09MPC-309Rural Road Signage: Simulated Driving to Evaluate Low-Cost Safety Improvements for Older DriversCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2008-09MPC-310Evacuation Modeling for Small to Medium Sized Metropolitan AreasCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2008-09MPC-311Forecasting Bridge Deterioration Rates and Improvement CostsCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2008-09MPC-312A GIS Model for Bridge Management and RoutingCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2007-08 Agricultural and Food Truck ConferenceCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2007-08 Vision Drive Safe: Regional Rural Transportation Safety ConferenceCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2007-08MPC-293Development of GIS Multimodal Capacity Model for Northern Tier Freight CorridorCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2007-08MPC-294Indian Reservation Roads (IRR) and Local Roads Modeling and Management DatabasesCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2007-08MPC-295Integrating Security into Small MPO Planning ActivitiesCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2007-08MPC-296Phase II: Driver Knowledge, Attitude, Behavior and Beliefs Focus Group: Young Male DriversCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2007-08MPC-297Understanding Influence of Transportation and Other Factors on the Economic Growth of Nonmetropolitan CitiesCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2007-08MPC-298Generating Public Involvement in Transportation Policy and Funding Decision Making ProcessesCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2007-08MPC-299Integrating Planning and Operations Models to Predict Work Zone TrafficCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2007-08MPC-300Demand Estimation for Corn Transportation: A North Dakota Case StudyCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2006-07 Agricultural Trucking ConferenceCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2006-07 Indian Reservation Roads (IRR) Database and Model DevelopmentCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2006-07 Transportation Safety ConferenceCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2006-07 Transportation Security and Border-Crossing CongestionCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2006-07 Tribal Transit Coordination WorkshopCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2006-07MPC-266Small Urban and Rural TransportationCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2006-07MPC-267Estimating Local Economic Impacts of Rail Investments and Rail Capacity Constraints in the HRS Wheat MarketTerminatedNorth Dakota State University
2006-07MPC-268Accessing International Container Markets from the Northern PlainsCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2006-07MPC-269Economic and Environmental Implications of Alternative Fuel Use and Regulations in the Mountain-Plains RegionCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2005-06MPC-263Traffic Operations in Small Urban and Rural AreasCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2005-06MPC-264Evaluation, Definition, and Identification of the Criteria for Establishing Freight CorridorsCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2004-05MPC-250Interactive Effects of Traffic- and Environmental-Related Pavement DeteriorationCompletedNorth Dakota State University, University of Wyoming
2004-05MPC-255Network Planning Model for Local and Regional Railroad SystemsCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2003-04MPC-238Evaluation of Strategic Logistics of Rural FirmsCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2003-04MPC-239Investment in Rural Roads: Willingness-to-Pay for Improved Gravel Road Services in Freight TransportationCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2002-03MPC-203Containerized Grain & Oilseed Exporters: Industry Profile and Survey, Phase IICompletedNorth Dakota State University
2002-03MPC-227Small Urban University Transit: A Case StudyCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2002-03MPC-228Trucking Industry Churn and It's Impact on Communities and ITS AdoptionCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2002-03MPC-229Asset Management of Roadway Signs through Advanced TechnologyCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2002-03MPC-230Economics of Ride Quality on Low Volume RoadsTerminatedNorth Dakota State University
2001-02MPC-218Leveraging Technology Investments - Integration of GPS, GIS and Maintenance ManagementCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2001-02MPC-219Bus Rapid Transit: An Examination of Political Feasibility Using Case StudiesCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2001-02MPC-220Costs, Pricing, and Regulatory Alternatives for MergersCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2001-02MPC-221Trip Generation Rates for Grain Elevators: A Tool for State and Local Highway PlannersCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2001-02MPC-222Strategies for Improving DOT Employee Retention and Motivation, Year 2CompletedNorth Dakota State University
2000-01MPC-201Updating the Uniform Rail Costing System RegressionsTerminatedNorth Dakota State University
2000-01MPC-202Truck Costing Model for Transportation ManagersCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2000-01MPC-203Containerized Grain & Oilseed Exporters: Industry Profile and SurveyCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2000-01MPC-204Strategies for Improving DOT Retention and Motivation among Professional StaffCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2000-01MPC-205Predicting and Classifying Voluntary Turnover Decisions for Truckload DriversCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2000-01MPC-206Attitudinal Analysis of Bus Rapid Transit AlternativeCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2000-01MPC-207An Evaluation of Region 8 State Departments of Transportation and Metropolitan Planning Organizations' GIS Technology ApplicationTerminatedNorth Dakota State University
1999-00MPC-187Survey of the Educational and Human Capital Needs of the Transportation Construction IndustryCompletedNorth Dakota State University
1999-00MPC-188An Evaluation of the Impacts of ITS/CVO Technologies throughout the Supply ChainCompletedNorth Dakota State University
1999-00MPC-189The Differential Effects of Deregulation on Rail RatesCompletedNorth Dakota State University
1999-00MPC-190Grain Highway Network Analysis: Use of Satellite Imagery and USDA Data to Forecast Heavy Truck Trips Generated from Rural Land Use ZonesCompletedNorth Dakota State University
1999-00MPC-191Transportation and Logistics Characteristics of the Potato Industry: Implications for Highway PlanningCompletedNorth Dakota State University
1999-00MPC-192Biennial Strategic Transportation AnalysisCompletedNorth Dakota State University
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