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Project(s) found for Active Grants and All Universities
YearProject #TitleUniversity
(PDF, 125K)
Use of Life Cycle Cost Analysis to Enhance Inspection Planning for Transportation Infrastructure
UTC Project Information: MPC-533 Progress (PDF, 145K)
Colorado State University
(PDF, 223K)
Traffic Performance Assessment of Disrupted Roadway Networks Following Earthquakes
UTC Project Information: MPC-534 Progress (PDF, 298K)
Colorado State University
(PDF, 257K)
Development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Bridge Inspection Procedures
UTC Project Information: MPC-535 Progress (PDF, 324K)
Colorado State University
(PDF, 234K)
Development of Age and State Dependent Stochastic Model for Improved Bridge Deterioration Prediction
UTC Project Information: MPC-536 Progress (PDF, 313K)
Colorado State University
(PDF, 261K)
Quantifying Mountain Basin Runoff Mechanisms for Better Hydrologic Design of Bridges and Culverts
UTC Project Information: MPC-537 Progress (PDF, 312K)
Colorado State University
(PDF, 339K)
Representative Testing of Expansive Soil Treatment Technologies for Transportation Earthworks
UTC Project Information: MPC-538 Progress (PDF, 311K)
Colorado State University
(PDF, 527K)
Ultra-accelerated Method to Evaluate Recycled Concrete Aggregate in New Construction
UTC Project Information: MPC-539 Progress (PDF, 327K)
University of Wyoming
(PDF, 227K)
Updating and Implementing the Grade Severity Rating System (GSRS) for Wyoming Mountain Passes
UTC Project Information: MPC-540 Progress (PDF, 310K)
University of Wyoming
(PDF, 226K)
Assessing Road Conditions for Wyoming County Gravel Roads
UTC Project Information: MPC-541 Progress (PDF, 309K)
University of Wyoming
(PDF, 267K)
Post-Fire Ground Treatments for Protection of Critical Transportation Structures (Year 2)
UTC Project Information: MPC-447 Progress (PDF, 121K)
Colorado State University
(PDF, 530K)
Developing an Optimization Model for Managing County Paved Roads (Year 2)
UTC Project Information: MPC-472 Progress (PDF, 33K)
University of Wyoming
(PDF, 145K)
Interaction Analysis of Girder Bridges and Traffic System subjected to Earthquakes (Year 2)
UTC Project Information: MPC-483 Progress (PDF, 121K)
Colorado State University
(PDF, 232K)
Investigation of Cross Laminated Timber Bridge Decks as a Sustainable Solution for Repair of Deficient Rural Wood Bridges (Year 2)
UTC Project Information: MPC-487 Progress (PDF, 206K)
Colorado State University
(PDF, 410K)
Characterization of Crushed Bases in Wyoming
UTC Project Information: MPC-503 Progress (PDF, 109K)
University of Wyoming
(PDF, 579K)
Improved Element-Level Bridge Inspection Criteria for Better Bridge Management and Preservation
UTC Project Information: MPC-504 Progress (PDF, 106K)
North Dakota State University
(PDF, 401K)
An Intelligent Transportation Systems Approach to Railroad Infrastructure Performance Evaluation
UTC Project Information: MPC-505 Progress (PDF, 39K)
North Dakota State University
(PDF, 356K)
Reliable Prediction of Shear Strength of Swelling Clays
UTC Project Information: MPC-506 Progress (PDF, 34K)
North Dakota State University
(PDF, 90K)
Automating Inspection and Damage Assessment of Transportation Infrastructure with Photographic Imaging
UTC Project Information: MPC-507 Progress (PDF, 224K)
Colorado State University
(PDF, 297K)
Experimental Evaluation of a New Double Composite System for Steel Bridges
UTC Project Information: MPC-508 Progress (PDF, 218K)
Colorado State University
(PDF, 520K)
Expansive Soil Mitigation for Transportation Earthworks by Polymer Amendment
UTC Project Information: MPC-509 Progress (PDF, 215K)
Colorado State University
(PDF, 712K)
Business and Commute Optimization System: Development and Denver-Based Case Study
UTC Project Information: MPC-510 Progress (PDF, 216K)
University of Colorado Denver, Colorado State University
(PDF, 291K)
Mechanical Bar Splices for Accelerated Bridge Construction of Columns
UTC Project Information: MPC-511 Progress (PDF, 311K)
South Dakota State University
(PDF, 248K)
Pre-stress Losses and Development of Short-Term Data Acquisition System for Bridge Monitoring
UTC Project Information: MPC-512 Progress (PDF, 112K)
Utah State University
(PDF, 122K)
Optimal Deployment of Wireless Charging Facilities for an Electric Bus System
UTC Project Information: MPC-513 Progress (PDF, 130K)
Utah State University
(PDF, 263K)
Impacts of Ridesourcing on VMT, Parking Demand, Transportation Equity, and Travel Behavior
UTC Project Information: MPC-514 Progress (PDF, 106K)
University of Colorado Denver
(PDF, 444K)
Redefining the Child Pedestrian Safety Paradigm
UTC Project Information: MPC-515 Progress (PDF, 201K)
University of Colorado Denver
(PDF, 262K)
Innovative Strengthening for Deteriorated Concrete Bridges Using Embedded Composite Sheets Bonded with Polyester-silica
UTC Project Information: MPC-516 Progress (PDF, 199K)
University of Colorado Denver
(PDF, 372K)
Route Planning for Enhanced Transportation Network Utilization: A System Optimization Approach for Route Planning in Advanced Traveler Information Systems
UTC Project Information: MPC-517 Progress (PDF, 150K)
University of Colorado Denver
(PDF, 562K)
Tribal Crash Reporting in ND: Practices, Perceptions, and Systematic Implementation
UTC Project Information: MPC-518 Progress (PDF, 211K)
North Dakota State University
(PDF, 252K)
Operational and Safety Analysis with Mitigation Strategies for Freeway Truck Traffic in WY
UTC Project Information: MPC-519 Progress (PDF, 210K)
University of Wyoming
(PDF, 141K)
Financial Benefits of Proposed Access Management Treatments
UTC Project Information: MPC-520 Progress (PDF, 85K)
South Dakota State University
(PDF, 97K)
Evaluating Relationships between Perception-Reaction Times, Emergency Deceleration Rates, and Crash Outcomes using Naturalistic Driving Data
UTC Project Information: MPC-521 Progress (PDF, 103K)
South Dakota State University
(PDF, 163K)
Development of a Guideline for Selection of Tack Coats in South Dakota
UTC Project Information: MPC-522 Progress (PDF, 157K)
South Dakota State University
(PDF, 331K)
Methodology for Load Rating Double-Tee Bridges
UTC Project Information: MPC-523 Progress (PDF, 105K)
South Dakota State University
(PDF, 148K)
Development of Next Generation Liquefaction (NGL) Database for Liquefaction-Induced Lateral Spread
UTC Project Information: MPC-524 Progress (PDF, 113K)
University of Utah
(PDF, 205K)
Does Cell Phone Use Impair Learning and Improvement in Driving Performance?
UTC Project Information: MPC-525 Progress (PDF, 288K)
University of Utah
(PDF, 737K)
Seismic Repair of Concrete Wall Piers Using CFRP Active Confinement
UTC Project Information: MPC-526 Progress (PDF, 104K)
University of Utah
(PDF, 256K)
Strategic Planning and Design for Electric Bus Systems
UTC Project Information: MPC-527 Progress (PDF, 141K)
University of Utah
(PDF, 596K)
Hotspot and Sampling Analysis for Effective Maintenance Management and Performance Monitoring
UTC Project Information: MPC-528 Progress (PDF, 104K)
University of Utah
(PDF, 378K)
Alternative in-situ Water-Cement Meter Using a Parallel-Plate Capacitor Concept
UTC Project Information: MPC-529 Progress (PDF, 106K)
University of Utah
(PDF, 271K)
Screening of South Dakota Asphalt Mixes for Moisture Damage using Conventional and Innovative Approaches
UTC Project Information: MPC-530 Progress (PDF, 35K)
South Dakota State University
(PDF, 184K)
Flood Hydrograph Generation for Predicting Bridge Scour in Cohesive Soils
UTC Project Information: MPC-531 Progress (PDF, 142K)
South Dakota State University
(PDF, 974K)
Further Validation of Safety Culture Measurement Tool for Improving Safety in Commuter Rail Operations
UTC Project Information: MPC-532 Progress (PDF, 458K)
University of Denver
(PDF, 198K)
Crash Analysis and Decision Support for Truck Safety and Weight Compliance through Strategic Enforcement and Education, Phase II (Year 2)
Final Report(s): MPC-16-308
Research Brief(s): MPC-16-308
UTC Project Information: MPC-371 Progress (PDF, 145K)
North Dakota State University
(PDF, 464K)
Identification of Fatigue Countermeasures for Adjusted Work Schedules Designed to Manage Fatigue During Peak Service Demand Periods in the Shortline Railroad Industry, Phase II (Year 2)
UTC Project Information: MPC-409 Progress (PDF, 120K)
University of Denver
(PDF, 280K)
Assessing the Cost-Effectiveness of Wyoming's CMAQ Unpaved Road Dust Suppression Program (Year 2)
UTC Project Information: MPC-451 Progress (PDF, 106K)
University of Wyoming
(PDF, 362K)
Enhancement of Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide for Roadway Design, Construction and Rehabilitation
UTC Project Information: MPC-471 Progress (PDF, 136K)
University of Wyoming
(PDF, 662K)
Developing an Optimization Model for Managing County Paved Roads
UTC Project Information: MPC-472 Progress (PDF, 33K)
University of Wyoming
(PDF, 146K)
Bicycle and Pedestrian Design for Rural Communities
UTC Project Information: MPC-473 Progress (PDF, 109K)
University of Wyoming
(PDF, 94K)
Highway Safety Manual Part D: Validation and Application in Wyoming
UTC Project Information: MPC-474 Progress (PDF, 106K)
University of Wyoming
(PDF, 140K)
Analysis of the Relationship of Roadside Inspections on Large Truck Crashes
UTC Project Information: MPC-475 Progress (PDF, 105K)
North Dakota State University
(PDF, 165K)
Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Traffic Hazard Forecasting Model
UTC Project Information: MPC-476 Progress (PDF, 373K)
North Dakota State University
(PDF, 133K)
Characterizing the ductility of Portland cement stabilized soil
UTC Project Information: MPC-477 Progress (PDF, 34K)
Utah State University
(PDF, 141K)
Long-Term Behavior of Precast Concrete Bridges
UTC Project Information: MPC-478 Progress (PDF, 105K)
Utah State University
(PDF, 178K)
Modeling Multi-class Truck Traffic Assignment Method with Different Traffic Restraint Constraints
UTC Project Information: MPC-479 Progress (PDF, 35K)
Utah State University
(PDF, 153K)
A Comprehensive Safety Assessment Methodology for Innovative Geometric Designs
UTC Project Information: MPC-480 Progress (PDF, 36K)
Utah State University
(PDF, 362K)
Incorporating River Network Structure for Improved Hydrologic Design of Transportation Infrastructure
UTC Project Information: MPC-481 Progress (PDF, 106K)
Colorado State University
(PDF, 500K)
Coupled Numerical Simulation of Debris Flow-Soil-Structure Interactions for Flexible Barrier Mitigation Systems
UTC Project Information: MPC-482 Progress (PDF, 43K)
Colorado State University
(PDF, 226K)
Interaction Analysis of Girder Bridges and Traffic System subjected to Earthquakes
UTC Project Information: MPC-483 Progress (PDF, 121K)
Colorado State University
(PDF, 274K)
Effect of Service Temperature on Joint Removal in Steel Bridges
UTC Project Information: MPC-484 Progress (PDF, 107K)
Colorado State University
(PDF, 237K)
Development of a Model to Assess the Feasibility of Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Projects
Final Report(s): MPC-17-330
Research Brief(s): MPC-17-330
UTC Project Information: MPC-485 Progress (PDF, 145K)
Colorado State University
(PDF, 245K)
Sustainable Heated Pavements for Infrastructure Longevity, Safety and Economic Competiveness
UTC Project Information: MPC-486 Progress (PDF, 109K)
Colorado State University
(PDF, 226K)
Investigation of Cross Laminated Timber Bridge Decks as a Sustainable Solution for Repair of Deficient Rural Wood Bridges
UTC Project Information: MPC-487 Progress (PDF, 206K)
Colorado State University
(PDF, 492K)
Effects of Infill Development and Regional Growth on At-Risk Populations' Exposure to Traffic Density
Final Report(s): MPC-17-326
Research Brief(s): MPC-17-326
UTC Project Information: MPC-488 Progress (PDF, 289K)
University of Colorado Denver
(PDF, 447K)
The Unresolved Relationship between Street Trees and Road Safety
UTC Project Information: MPC-489 Progress (PDF, 186K)
University of Colorado Denver
(PDF, 360K)
Longevity of Air Pollution Mitigating Photo-Catalytic Coatings on Transportation Infrastructure
UTC Project Information: MPC-490 Progress (PDF, 330K)
University of Utah
(PDF, 812K)
Self-Centering Buckling Restrained Braces for Curved Bridges
UTC Project Information: MPC-491 Progress (PDF, 231K)
University of Utah
(PDF, 194K)
Early-Age Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Properties for Overlays
UTC Project Information: MPC-492 Progress (PDF, 194K)
University of Utah
(PDF, 282K)
Incorporating Maintenance Costs and Considerations into Highway Design Decisions
UTC Project Information: MPC-493 Progress (PDF, 33K)
University of Utah
(PDF, 439K)
Statistical Analysis and Sampling Standards for Maintenance Management Quality Assurance (MMQA)
UTC Project Information: MPC-494 Progress (PDF, 103K)
University of Utah
(PDF, 267K)
Safety Effects of Protected and Protected/Permitted Left-Turn Phases
UTC Project Information: MPC-495 Progress (PDF, 103K)
University of Utah
(PDF, 408K)
Prevention of Low Temperature Cracking of Pavements
UTC Project Information: MPC-496 Progress (PDF, 32K)
University of Utah
(PDF, 228K)
Compaction Testing of Granular Materials
UTC Project Information: MPC-497 Progress (PDF, 103K)
South Dakota State University
(PDF, 245K)
Development of Mixed Media Filtration for Stormwater Runoff Treatment
UTC Project Information: MPC-498 Progress (PDF, 37K)
South Dakota State University
(PDF, 251K)
Reuse of Aqueous Waste Streams in Transportation-Related Applications
UTC Project Information: MPC-499 Progress (PDF, 41K)
South Dakota State University
(PDF, 276K)
Rehabilitation of Longitudinal Joints in Double-Tee Bridge Girders
UTC Project Information: MPC-500 Progress (PDF, 104K)
South Dakota State University
(PDF, 277K)
Development of an Alternative to the Double Tee Bridge System
UTC Project Information: MPC-501 Progress (PDF, 37K)
South Dakota State University
(PDF, 550K)
Experimental and Computational Study of Self-Consolidating Concrete for Prestressed Bridge Girders
UTC Project Information: MPC-502 Progress (PDF, 299K)
South Dakota State University
(PDF, 41K)
A Modified Approach for Predicting Fracture of Steel Components under Combined Large Inelastic Axial and Shear Strain Cycles
UTC Project Information: MPC-446 Progress (PDF, 206K)
Colorado State University
(PDF, 390K)
Post-Fire Ground Treatments for Protection of Critical Transportation Structures
UTC Project Information: MPC-447 Progress (PDF, 121K)
Colorado State University
(PDF, 231K)
Reducing Flood Vulnerability of Communities with Limited Road Access by Optimizing Bridge Elevation
UTC Project Information: MPC-448 Progress (PDF, 203K)
Colorado State University
(PDF, 161K)
Determining the Uncertainty in the Current Condition of Bridges for Use in Risk Based Inspection and Management
UTC Project Information: MPC-449 Progress (PDF, 132K)
Colorado State University
(PDF, 160K)
Using Building Information Modeling to Track and Assess Structural Condition
Final Report(s): MPC-16-310
Research Brief(s): MPC-16-310
UTC Project Information: MPC-450 Progress (PDF, 147K)
Colorado State University
(PDF, 393K)
Assessing the Cost-Effectiveness of Wyoming's CMAQ Unpaved Road Dust Suppression Program
UTC Project Information: MPC-451 Progress (PDF, 106K)
University of Wyoming
(PDF, 500K)
Updating the Highway Safety Manual 2010 - Part C: Regional Consideration of the Rocky Mountains and Plain Regions
UTC Project Information: MPC-452 Progress (PDF, 128K)
University of Wyoming
(PDF, 174K)
Speed Selection Behavior during Winter Road Conditions
UTC Project Information: MPC-453 Progress (PDF, 126K)
University of Wyoming
(PDF, 151K)
Regional Implementation of Tribal Transportation Safety Program
UTC Project Information: MPC-454 Progress (PDF, 121K)
University of Wyoming
(PDF, 662K)
Why Are Bike-Friendly Cities Safer for All Road Users?
UTC Project Information: MPC-455 Progress (PDF, 138K)
University of Colorado Denver
(PDF, 131K)
Performance of Steel Girders Repaired with Advanced Composite Sheets in a Corrosive Environment: A Multi-Physics Approach Leading to Practical Design Recommendations
Final Report(s): MPC-17-325
Research Brief(s): MPC-17-325
UTC Project Information: MPC-456 Progress (PDF, 282K)
University of Colorado Denver
(PDF, 323K)
Tribal Emergency Preparedness Planning
Final Report(s): MPC-14-276
Research Brief(s): MPC-14-276
UTC Project Information: MPC-457 Progress (PDF, 222K)
North Dakota State University
(PDF, 244K)
Application of a Multi-Agent System with the Large-Scale Agent-Based Model for Freight Demand Modeling
UTC Project Information: MPC-458 Progress (PDF, 126K)
North Dakota State University
(PDF, 334K)
Technology and Workforce Development for Remote Sensing of the Transportation Infrastructure
Final Report(s): MPC-16-313
Research Brief(s): MPC-16-313
UTC Project Information: MPC-460 Progress (PDF, 146K)
North Dakota State University
(PDF, 160K)
Analytical Modeling for Progressive Failure Assessment of Curved and Skewed Highway Bridges Subjected to Seismic Hazards
UTC Project Information: MPC-461 Progress (PDF, 121K)
Colorado State University
(PDF, 37K)
Implementation of Aerial LiDAR Technology to Update Highway Feature Inventory
UTC Project Information: MPC-462 Progress (PDF, 207K)
Utah State University
(PDF, 44K)
Rehabilitation Project Selection and Scheduling in Transportation Networks
UTC Project Information: MPC-463 Progress (PDF, 202K)
Utah State University
(PDF, 70K)
Development of Network-Based Measures and Computational Methods for Evaluating the Redundancy of Transportation Networks
Final Report(s): MPC-17-327
Research Brief(s): MPC-17-327
UTC Project Information: MPC-464 Progress (PDF, 148K)
Utah State University
(PDF, 154K)
Development of Performance Matrices for Evaluating Innovative Intersections and Interchanges
UTC Project Information: MPC-465 Progress (PDF, 204K)
University of Utah
(PDF, 69K)
First and Last Mile Strategies for Transit Systems
UTC Project Information: MPC-466 Progress (PDF, 209K)
University of Utah
(PDF, 156K)
Self-Regulation and Distraction
UTC Project Information: MPC-467 Progress (PDF, 479K)
University of Utah
(PDF, 143K)
Performance Evaluation of Highway Surface Treatments (Phase I: Short-Term Performance)
UTC Project Information: MPC-468 Progress (PDF, 199K)
University of Utah
(PDF, 162K)
Improving Efficiency and Reliability of Bus Rapid Transit
UTC Project Information: MPC-469 Progress (PDF, 332K)
University of Utah
(PDF, 45K)
Evaluating Transportation Professional Development and Continuing Education Courses
Final Report(s): MPC-16-305
Research Brief(s): MPC-16-305
UTC Project Information: MPC-470 Progress (PDF, 140K)
Utah State University
NDSU Dept 2880P.O. Box 6050Fargo, ND 58108-6050