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  • Posted: Jan 8
    Congratulations to Theodore Sjurseth who has been named the 2020 University Transportation Centers Student of the Year for the Mountain-Plains Consortium. Sjurseth is a master's student in civil engineering at South Dakota State University.
  • Posted: Dec 3, 2020
    MPC researchers at the University of Utah are working to eliminate or reduce the bump at the end of Utah bridges caused by settling of soils that can occur long after construction. In some cases, the settling can result in a need to completely reinstall bridge approaches.
  • Posted: Nov 30, 2020
    Dr. Chris Pantelides, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Utah, will present a webinar on his research, "Seismic Repair of Concrete Wall Piers Using CFRP Active Confinement" on Thursday, Dec. 3. Registration is required.
  • Posted: Nov 18, 2020
    MPC research at South Dakota State University will help roadway agencies reduce pavement stripping, a moisture-induced loss of bonding between aggregates and the asphalt binder that typically begins at the bottom of the hot-mix asphalt layer and progresses upward.
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