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  • Posted: Sep 19
    K. L. Peterson and P. R. Heyliger
    This report presents finite-element calculations of the vibrational modes of MLCCs. The geometric symmetry in the finite-element model was orthorhombic, with three orthogonal mirror planes, and the detailed internal structure of interleaved metallic and ceramic materials was included in the model.
  • Posted: Sep 6
    Xiaoyue Cathy Liu and Ran Wei
    As many transit agencies are testing electric buses and considering the integration of electric buses into future fleet, this research will help transit agencies make informed decisions regarding strategic planning and design of BEB systems.
  • Posted: Aug 29
    Pan Lu, Denver Tolliver, and Zijian Zheng
    This research seeks to investigate highway rail grade crossing (HRGC) crash predicting models and contributing factors by exploring the application of GLM and data mining models.
  • Posted: Aug 20
    Min Ook Kim and Amanda Christine Bordelon
    This study aims to investigate the age-dependent changes in flexural and fracture properties of fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC) used in the design of thin overlay pavements. Four different types of steel or polypropylene macro-fibers with different dimensions and different fiber volume contents (0%, 0.5%, and 1.0%) were selected and investigated.
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