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  • Posted: Nov 22
    Researchers at the University of Wyoming are developing new analysis methods that will improve the consistency and efficiency of driving piles in intermediate geomaterials, a transitional geomaterial between soil and hard rock, often found in the Rocky Mountain region.
  • Posted: Nov 18
    Researchers at the University of Utah are studying automated data collection technologies that can be used to gather information on roadway assets such as traffic signs, bridges, pedestrian access ramps, and pavement.
  • Posted: Nov 14
    Researchers at Colorado State University developed an integrated tool that provides a more accurate consideration of various adverse driving conditions, including those in work zones. The new tool will allow planners and emergency responders to develop work zones and traffic patterns that reduce the risk of accidents and enhance traffic flow even when driving conditions become adverse or hazardous.
  • Posted: Nov 10
    Researchers at the University of Utah are developing bridge designs that dissipate seismic forces during earthquakes so that the bridges can remain operational. The bridge designs are compatible with accelerated bridge construction techniques, which reduce construction costs and traffic disruptions.
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