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The MPC transportation research program at Colorado State University is primarily conducted by faculty and students from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering with specializations in structural and geotechnical engineering. Many of our research projects focus on improving the condition of highway transportation infrastructure. For example, our researchers study ways to enhance the design of new infrastructure such as bridges and roads to enhance its durability and resistance to a variety of hazards (floods, earthquakes, etc.), including investigating new structural and geotechnical materials. Our researchers also study methods to assess, repair and manage existing infrastructure assets to most effectively allocate maintenance budgets. We complement this infrastructure research with projects related to safety, sustainability, funding, and construction, and collaborate with CSU researchers in other departments, such as Construction Management. Graduate students interested in transportation can participate the in the integrated transportation systems engineering research program.

Research Project

Incorporation of Social Equity Considerations into Transportation... (2021)

Project Description

Final Report

Modeling Disrupted Transportation Infrastructure System Due to... (Sep 2023)

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News Article

New Traffic Signal Control Strategies May Improve Safety and... (Nov 2023)

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University Labs / Resources

  • Structural Engineering Laboratory — This laboratory at the CSU Engineering Research Center is home to variety of equipment for testing structural components under a variety of loads and hazards. The laboratory has a unidirectional shaketable, a thermal chamber and heating plates for elevated temperature testing, and numerous frames and actuators of varying capacity.
  • Hydraulic Testing Facilities — The Engineering Research Center is also home to world-class hydraulic and hydrologic testing facilities, including a 33,000 square feet indoor laboratory and a 100 acre adjoining outdoor laboratory.

University Facts

  • Enrollment: More than 27,000 students
  • Research facility for river mechanics and hydraulics
  • Outdoor ramp facility for vehicle crash testing of safety and security barriers
  • Structures laboratory featuring unidirectional shake table, loading frames and large actuators

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