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Project Details

Title:Calibration of HSM Predictive Methods on Rural State and Local Highways
Principal Investigators:Xiao (Shaw) Qin (Chin)
University:South Dakota State University
Grant #:DTRT12-G-UTC08 (SAFETEA-LU Extension)
Project #:MPC-438
RH Display ID:150829
Keywords:guidelines, highway safety, rural highways, statistical analysis, traffic crashes


The South Dakota Department of Transportation (SDDOT) has implemented Highway Safety Manual (HSM) guidelines in its project development and planning process. Specifically, HSM safety performance functions (SPFs) and crash modification factors (CMFs) are used to screen South Dakota (SD) roadways in order to find problem areas for further safety review. The SDDOT also uses HSM models to compare safety design alternatives, evaluate site-specific safety issues, and program and plan future safety projects. Although calibration procedures are available in HSM Appendix A, they need to be refined or modified to accommodate SD's data availability and roadway, traffic, and crash characteristics. It is imperative to develop a SD version of HSM models using proper calibration methods and to provide guidance for future calibration activities.

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