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Title:Performance Evaluation of Highway Surface Treatments, Phase I: Short-Term Performance
Principal Investigators:Pedro Romero
University:University of Utah
Grant #:DTRT13-G-UTC38 (MAP21)
Project #:MPC-468
RH Display ID:151154
Keywords:evaluation and assessment, guidelines, pavement performance, state departments of transportation, stone matrix asphalt, surface course (pavements), surface treating, wearing course (pavements)


Surface treatments are used throughout the region to provide adequate riding surfaces as well as to protect the pavement structure. Four of the most common surface treatments are Open Graded Surface Courses (OGSC), Bonded Wearing Courses (BWC), Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA), and Dense Graded Courses (DGC). Collectively, these surface treatments are used in primary roads and thus are referred to as 'higher costs' surface treatments. Each of these courses has different design, different costs, and different performance. While the design process and the cost are known, very little can be said about their performance or where should each of them be used; there is a need to document their performance and understand their optimal application.

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