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Title:Enhancement of Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide for Roadway Design, Construction and Rehabilitation
Principal Investigators:Kam Ng and Khaled Ksaibati
University:University of Wyoming
Grant #:DTRT13-G-UTC38 (MAP21)
Project #:MPC-471
RH Display ID:150935
Keywords:pavement design, pavement management systems, pavement performance, rehabilitation (maintenance), subgrade (pavements), traffic loads


Although the ongoing research provides locally calibrated input parameters for Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide (MEPDG) pavement design, it is indispensable to evaluate the sensitivity of thickness and modulus of pavement materials on pavement performance predictions. This additional study will help designers and engineers optimizing their pavement designs and facilitating the iterative design process while using MEPDG design software known as DARWin-ME. Although the current state-of-practice is switching towards AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design, DARWin-ME is considered to reflect local design practices. Knowledge from the ongoing research and results from this proposed research should be integrated and presented through a series of trial pavement design examples that systematically articulate the whole pavement design process. The proposed 2-year research serves as a supplement to the ongoing MEPDG research. This proposed research will enhance the pavement design procedure and efficiency, overcome shortcomings of the ongoing research, and expedite the full implementation of locally calibrated MEPDG in Wyoming.

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