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Project Details

Title:Compaction Testing of Granular Materials
Principal Investigators:Allen Jones
University:South Dakota State University
Grant #:DTRT13-G-UTC38 (MAP21)
Project #:MPC-497
RH Display ID:150844
Keywords:base course (pavements), compaction, granular materials, moisture barriers, portland cement concrete, recycled materials, subbase (pavements)


SDDOT has identified a need to reevaluate how they determine whether granular material has been compacted to the desired density. Most compaction testing has been performed using the nuclear gauge or sand cone methods, and the in-place density standard is determined by either the use of a test strip or a moisture density relation curve (Proctor). Some DOTs have started using newer methods such as the lightweight deflectometer (LWD), dynamic cone penetrometer (DCP), proof rolling and the use of intelligent compaction. The SDDOT wishes to examine how other DOTs determine the in-place density of granular materials. The SDDOT also wishes to determine whether the current Ohio curves are adequate for their needs or should be updated and whether the SDDOT needs to use different test methods to ensure adequate compaction.

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