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Project Details

Title:Safety Culture, Leadership & Fatigue in Transportation Operations
Principal Investigators:Patrick Sherry
University:University of Denver
Grant #:69A3551747108 (FAST Act)
Project #:MPC-582
RiP #:01684993
RH Display ID:15317
Keywords:alternatives analysis, crash data, fatigue (physiological condition), leadership, metrics (quantitative assessment), organizations, safety, sleep, stakeholders, surveys, transportation departments, transportation operations


The proposed research will attempt to identify linkages between leadership practices, safety culture and fatigue management practices that are effective in reducing accidents and injuries in various transportation/transit organizations. First, a standard metric of safety culture that enables the normative comparison of organizations to each other will be used to identify areas within an organization, such as departments, relationship between management and labor, training programs and other areas that are in need of improvement relative to establishing a strong safety culture. Second, the Denver Fatigue Survey & Sleep Diary will be used to assess the level of fatigue, amount of sleep, and naps organization participants are obtaining. Third, a Leadership Competency and style measure has been developed that can also been used to assess (Sherry & Durr, 2012). Lastly, historical records can be consulted to assess numbers of accidents and injuries. Thus, the proposed study will attempt to gather data that will continue to validate and provide normative comparison data on organizational leadership style and competence, safety culture, fatigue levels, and accident and injury data. Results of these analyses will be shared with participant organizations, relevant stakeholders and other transportation professionals to accomplish technology transfer objectives.

Project Word Files

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