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Webinar Recording

Title:Analysis of Bridge Column-to-Footing Joints
Date Recorded:Sep 14, 2022
Project #:MPC-638
Report #:MPC-22-473

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This webinar is based on MPC project 638, Analysis of ABC Bridge Column-to-Footing Joints with Recessed Splice Sleeve Connectors. Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) has been implemented in bridge construction because it provides advantages for commuters in urban areas. Prefabrication of bridge structural components is a highly effective method and is one of the ABC methods of Prefabricated Bridge Elements and Systems proposed by the Federal Highway Administration. There is a need to develop ABC column-to-footing joints for bridges located in moderate- and high-seismic regions. The main goal of the research is to show using advanced analysis methods that such joints constructed with precast elements perform in a satisfactory manner similar to monolithic cast-in-place joints. A second goal of the research is to develop guidelines for the seismic design of these joints.

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