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Project Details

Title:Implementation of Aerial LiDAR Technology to Update Highway Feature Inventory
Principal Investigators:Ziqi Song
University:Utah State University
Project #:MPC-462
RiP #:01574305
Keywords:aerial photography, asset management, data collection, inspection, inventory control, laser radar, virtual reality


NCHRP Report 748, Guidelines for the Use of Mobile LiDAR in Transportation Applications will be used as a guide for the proposed research. UDOT is also currently undertaking an effort to investigate the best means of combining LiDAR data sets from multiple collection efforts, including work with Virtual Geomatics, and with the Utah Automated Geographical Referencing Center (AGRC). AGRC is undertaking an effort to have the entire state surveyed by Aerial LiDAR. An important element of working with the AGRC data will be to develop a means to "clip" the data such that only the portion of the point cloud within a reasonable distance of the roadway centerline is used for analysis. This research project therefore, will be conducted in full coordination with the Mandli, Virtual Geomatics, and AGRC efforts in order to insure that all efforts are in alignment.

NDSU Dept 2880P.O. Box 6050Fargo, ND 58108-6050