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Project(s) found for Active Grants and Utah State University
YearProject #TitleStatusUniversity
2022MPC-693Pedestrian Safety and Traffic Operations Near Transit StopsActiveUtah State University
2022MPC-694Calibrating Ground Response Analyses beneath an Instrumented Bridge Using the I-15 Borehole Array and Ground Motions from the Magna EarthquakeActiveUtah State University
2022MPC-695Durability and Volumetric Stability of Non-Proprietary Ultra High Performance Concrete Mixes Batched With Locally Sourced MaterialsActiveUtah State University
2022MPC-696Numerical Modeling and Parametric Analysis of Grouted Coupler Connections under Varying Impact Loading ConditionsActiveUtah State University
2021MPC-659Equitable Deployment of Wireless Charging Lanes in Transportation NetworksActiveUtah State University
2021MPC-660State of the Practice of Crash Reporting in the US and Implications for CAV Safety AssessmentActiveUtah State University
2021MPC-661Environmentally Sustainable Accelerated Partial Bridge Deck Concrete Removal Methods AnalysisActiveUtah State University
2021MPC-662Impacts of Wildfire Smoke and Other Area-Wide Air Pollution on Multimodal Traffic VolumesActiveUtah State University
2021MPC-663Impacts of Vehicle Fires on Polymer Concrete Bridge Deck OverlaysActiveUtah State University
2020MPC-621Public Perception of the Collection and Use of Connected Vehicle DataCompletedUtah State University
2020MPC-622Utilizing Traffic Signal Pedestrian Push-Button Data for Planning and Safety AnalysisActiveUtah State University
2020MPC-623Reliability of ABC Grouted Coupler Connected Bridge Piers Subject to Vehicular ImpactActiveUtah State University
2020MPC-624Evaluating the Impacts of Deploying Automated Roads for Infrastructure-Enabled Autonomous VehiclesActiveUtah State University
2020MPC-634Durable and Constructible Materials in Glass Reinforced Concrete to Efficiently Shape Magnetic FieldsActiveUtah State University
2019MPC-603Investigating Bicyclist Safety Perceptions and Behaviors at RoundaboutsCompletedUtah State University
2018MPC-577Uses and Challenges of Collecting LiDAR Data from a Growing Autonomous Vehicle Fleet: Implications for Infrastructure Planning and Inspection PracticesCompletedUtah State University
2018MPC-578Integrated Strategic and Operational Planning for a Fast-Charging Battery Electric Bus SystemActiveUtah State University
2018MPC-580Implementation of Precast Concrete Segments for Electrified RoadwayActiveUtah State University
2018MPC-581Structural Fiber Reinforcement to Reduce Deck Reinforcement and Improve Long-Term PerformanceCompletedUtah State University
2017MPC-558Optimal Deployment of Dynamic Charging Lanes for Plug-in Hybrid TrucksActiveUtah State University
2017MPC-559Identifying Effective Travel Behavior Change Strategies for Poor Air Quality Events in Northern UtahActiveUtah State University
2017MPC-560Rapid Set Cement for Precast Prestressed Bridge Girder ApplicationsCompletedUtah State University
2017MPC-561Reliability-Based Assessment of Landslide Risk Along RoadwaysActiveUtah State University
2017MPC-562Evaluation of Durability and Structural Performance of Concrete with Embedded Inductive CoilsActiveUtah State University
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