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Title:The Unresolved Relationship between Street Trees and Road Safety
Principal Investigators:Wesley Marshall and Bruce Janson
University:University of Colorado Denver
Grant #:DTRT13-G-UTC38 (MAP21)
Project #:MPC-489
RH Display ID:151255
Keywords:clear zones, crash data, crashes, highway safety, roadside, roadside flora, traffic counts, trees


Despite standard design practice, the research remains conflicted over the true association between street trees and road safety (Zeigler 1986, Turner and Mansfield 1989, Dumbaugh 2005, Gattis 2005, Ivan et al. 1999, Naderi, Kweon, and Maghelal 2008, Ossenbruggen, Pendharkar, and Ivan 2001, Wolf and Bratton 2006). This proposed research seeks to better understand this issue by: i) developing a methodology for deriving tree canopy data via remotely sensed data; ii) collecting an extensive database of road crashes, traffic counts, and other relevant crash factors; and iii) conducting a statistical analysis of roadside trees and road safety. The goal is to shed light on the true relationship between street trees and road safety outcomes.

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