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Project(s) found for Active Grants and University of Colorado Denver
YearProject #TitleStatusUniversity
2020MPC-612Studying the Use of Low-Cost Sensing Devices to Report Roadway Pavement ConditionsActiveUniversity of Colorado Denver
2020MPC-613Behavior of Composite-Strengthened Concrete Bridge Members under Multi-Hazard LoadingsActiveUniversity of Colorado Denver
2020MPC-614Learning from the Travel Experiences of Persons with Disabilities: Investigating Navigation Challenges Posed by InfrastructureActiveUniversity of Colorado Denver
2020MPC-615A LiDAR-Based Approach to Quantitatively Assessing StreetscapesActiveUniversity of Colorado Denver
2020MPC-616Descriptive and Predictive Deep Learning Analytical Tools for Enhanced Bridge Management: Bridge Subtyping and Bridge Deterioration ForecastingActiveUniversity of Colorado Denver
2018MPC-579Where the Sidewalk Ends: Equity Disparities with Respect to Municipal Maintenance PolicyActiveUniversity of Colorado Denver
2018MPC-583Composite Repair for Concrete Bridges Subjected to Alkali-Silica ReactionActiveUniversity of Colorado Denver
2018MPC-584Expanding the Capabilities of Business Commute Optimization System to Model Additional Transportation Alternatives and On-Demand NeedsActiveUniversity of Colorado Denver
2018MPC-585Constrained System-Optimal Route Planning in support of Fleet Route Planning, Ridesourcing, and RidesharingActiveUniversity of Colorado Denver
2017MPC-553Multi-Business Commute Optimization System: System Development and Pilot Case StudyActiveUniversity of Colorado Denver
2017MPC-554Composite-based Rehabilitation of Constructed Bridge Girders with Grooved GeometricsCompletedUniversity of Colorado Denver
2017MPC-555Testing Irrationality in Metered Parking Payment ComplianceActiveUniversity of Colorado Denver
2017MPC-556Forging a Path to Vision Zero in the US: A Critical Analysis of Road Safety in AustraliaActiveUniversity of Colorado Denver
2017MPC-557Reassessing Child Pedestrian Mode Choice & Safety via Perceived Parental RiskCompletedUniversity of Colorado Denver
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