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Project Details

Title:Expansive Soil Mitigation for Transportation Earthworks by Polymer Amendment
Principal Investigators:Joseph Scalia and Christopher Bareither
University:Colorado State University
Grant #:DTRT13-G-UTC38 (MAP21)
Project #:MPC-509
RH Display ID:150975
Keywords:continuing education, expansion joints, expansive clays, infrastructure, pavement layers, subgrade (pavements), swelling soils


The proposed project will evaluate if recently developed and commercialized polymer-based stabilizers are a viable option for future transportation earthwork construction that involves expansive soil problems. The proposed project will enhance the ability of transportation practitioners to improve highway conditions and performance via innovative technologies. The current lack of independent assessment inhibits the adoption of potentially valuable materials, as does a lack of information on the mechanisms underpinning stabilization. The proposed project will provide a basis for moving forward on expansive soil mitigation techniques for transportation infrastructure via review of relevant technical literature to summarize the current state-of-art and state-of practice in expansive soil mitigation, and by providing an independent laboratory evaluation of expansive soil-polymer composites. Laboratory testing will be used to assess treatment effectiveness relative to traditional stabilization methods, and to describe mechanistic behavior of polymer modification to aid in creating improved practices for construction of transportation infrastructure. The proposed project will also create a methodology for independent evaluation of future polymer-stabilization technologies.

Project Deliverables

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