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Project(s) found for Active Grants and Colorado State University
YearProject #TitleStatusUniversity
2021MPC-676Optimal Selection of Upgrade and Maintenance Interventions to Minimize Life-Cycle-CostActiveUniversity of Colorado Denver, Colorado State University
2021MPC-679Framework of Adaptive Intersection Traffic Control Strategy for Urban Traffic Network Subjected to DisruptionsCompletedColorado State University
2021MPC-680Non-Contact 3-Component (3C) Displacement Measurements with a Dual-Stereo Vision Enabled Uncrewed Aerial System (UAS)ActiveColorado State University
2021MPC-681Effectiveness of Mitigation Methods and Signage in Reducing Railway Trespassing EventsActiveColorado State University
2021MPC-682Incorporation of Social Equity Considerations into Transportation Asset ManagementActiveColorado State University
2021MPC-683Beneficial Reuse of Landfilled Fly Ash in Transportation InfrastructureActiveColorado State University, University of Wyoming
2020MPC-617Modeling Disrupted Transportation Infrastructure System due to Multiple HazardsCompletedColorado State University
2020MPC-618Investigating the Applicability of Multi-Fidelity Modeling to Condition Evaluation of Transportation InfrastructureActiveColorado State University
2020MPC-619Evaluating Nonlinear Methods for Flood Hydrograph Generation to Evaluate Bridge ScourCompletedColorado State University
2020MPC-620Visible and Thermal Imaging in a Deep-Learning Approach to Robust Automated Pothole Detection and Highway Maintenance PrioritizationActiveColorado State University
2020MPC-642Resilience-Based Recovery Planning of Transportation Network Following EarthquakesActiveColorado State University
2020MPC-643Development of a New Airborne Portable Sensing System to Investigate Bridge ResponseActiveColorado State University
2020MPC-644Crash Modeling of High-Profile Moving Vehicles under Strong Crosswinds Based on Computational Fluid DynamicsActiveColorado State University
2020MPC-645Seamless Comparative Modeling of Natural Hazards Using the Material Point MethodActiveColorado State University
2019MPC-591Reliability-Based Traffic Safety Risk Assessment of Traffic System in Hazardous Driving Conditions to Promote Community ResilienceCompletedColorado State University
2019MPC-592Development of an Autonomous Transportation Infrastructure Inspection System Based on Unmanned Aerial VehiclesCompletedColorado State University
2019MPC-593Probabilistic Modeling of Landslide Hazards to Improve the Resilience of Transportation InfrastructureCompletedColorado State University
2019MPC-594Transferring Research Innovations in Bridge Inspection Planning to Bridge Inspection PracticeCompletedColorado State University
2018MPC-568Mitigation of Flooding-Related Traffic Disruptions with Green Infrastructure Stormwater ManagementCompletedColorado State University
2018MPC-569Traffic Performance Modeling and Planning of Emergency Medical Response in Rural AreasCompletedColorado State University
2018MPC-570Experiments and Modeling for Infrastructure Data-Derived Fuel Economy and Safety ImprovementsActiveColorado State University
2018MPC-571Monitoring Transportation Structure Integrity Loss and Risk with Structure-From-MotionActiveColorado State University
2017MPC-533Use of Life Cycle Cost Analysis to Enhance Inspection Planning for Transportation InfrastructureCompletedColorado State University
2017MPC-534Traffic Performance Assessment of Disrupted Roadway Networks Following EarthquakesCompletedColorado State University
2017MPC-535Development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Bridge Inspection ProceduresCompletedColorado State University
2017MPC-536Development of Age and State Dependent Stochastic Model for Improved Bridge Deterioration PredictionActiveColorado State University
2017MPC-537Quantifying Mountain Basin Runoff Mechanisms for Better Hydrologic Design of Bridges and CulvertsCompletedColorado State University
2017MPC-538Representative Testing of Expansive Soil Treatment Technologies for Transportation EarthworksActiveColorado State University
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