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Project Details

Title:Optimal Deployment of Wireless Charging Facilities for an Electric Bus System
Principal Investigators:Ziqi Song
University:Utah State University
Grant #:DTRT13-G-UTC38 (MAP21)
Project #:MPC-513
RH Display ID:151114
Keywords:deployment, electric buses, electric vehicle charging, electromagnetic induction, greenhouse gases, location, optimization, transit buses, wireless communication systems


This project is to propose a modeling framework to deploy wireless charging facilities for an electric bus system. The proposed project will accomplish the following two objectives: 1) Develop an optimization problem that determines the location for building wireless charging facilities in a road network and explicitly considers the trade-off between onboard battery size and the number (length) of wireless charging facilities simultaneously; and 2) Conduct a case study to demonstrate the viability of applying dynamic wireless charging technology to an electric bus system with multiple overlapping bus lines.

Project Deliverables

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