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Project Details

Title:Self-Centering Bridge Bent for Accelerated Bridge Construction in Seismic Regions
Principal Investigators:Chris Pantelides
University:University of Utah
Grant #:69A3551747108 (FAST Act)
Project #:MPC-545
RH Display ID:15684
Keywords:bents, bridge construction, columns, earthquake resistant design, posttensioning, seismicity


Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) has been practiced in many parts of the country; however, in high seismic regions the challenge of providing ductile connections between columns and footings and columns and pier-caps is a topic of research currently still in progress. All similar research carried out so far on post-tensioned columns has considered a single bridge column. The proposed research considers a two-column bent with scaled dimensions representing an actual bridge bent that has been built in the state of Utah. Moreover, the debonding of the steel bars is an innovative feature that is expected to improve displacement ductility of the bridge bent.

Project Deliverables

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