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Project Details

Title:Implementation of Precast Concrete Segments for Electrified Roadway
Principal Investigators:Marvin W. Halling
University:Utah State University
Grant #:69A3551747108 (FAST Act)
Project #:MPC-580
RiP #:01684204
RH Display ID:149952
Keywords:electric vehicle charging, electric vehicles, energy transfer, implementation, intelligent vehicles, precast concrete pavements


A major impediment to broad public acceptance of electric vehicles is their limited travel range. An exciting potential solution to this problem is In-Motion Electric Wireless Power Transfer. This is essential for the development of connected and autonomous vehicles. Durability of the Civil-Electrical Infrastructure has been studied in recent research. The next logical step toward adoption is integration in a successful demonstration project.

In order for the future adoption of this technology, roadways will need to be modified to allow the transmission of power to vehicles as they travel. Successful adoption of In-Motion Wireless Power Transfer will require advances in the efficiency of the overall electrical system, improvements in tracking of the actual vehicles, and significant developments in the civil infrastructure.

This proposal will address the constructability of coils in a proposed precast system. The stringent electrical specifications will be monitored while utilized in an actual closed loop working system.

Project Word Files

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