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Project Details

Title:Improving Safety in Transit and Freight Operations: Development of a Safety Leadership Training Model to Improve Safety Culture
Principal Investigators:Patrick Sherry
University:University of Denver
Grant #:69A3551747108 (FAST Act)
Project #:MPC-604
RiP #:01712494
RH Display ID:150337
Keywords:freight transportation, leadership, safety, training, transit safety, transportation operations


Over the past few years successive efforts to define, describe, measure and assess safety have culminated in the development of a reliable and valid assessment measure. The next step is to develop a comprehensive but practical approach, training model and implementation materials that can be used in transit and freight operations around the country to develop and promote more effective safety records. The proposed project will seek to develop a training model and implementation plan and materials that can serve as a blueprint and road map for training leaders in transit and freight organizations to systematically promote and develop an effective safety culture. The first step will be to review existing approaches to the development of safety culture, Second, a pilot template will be proposed and discussed with key stakeholders. Feedback and best practices will be obtained and distilled into a workable format. A suitable pilot organization will be identified to participate in the implementation of the model. Finally, an evaluation of the a pilot implement of the model will be undertaken.

Project Word Files

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