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Project Details

Title:Public Perception of the Collection and Use of Connected Vehicle Data
Principal Investigators:Michelle Mekker
University:Utah State University
Grant #:69A3551747108 (FAST Act)
Project #:MPC-621
RH Display ID:154582
Keywords:attitudes, connected vehicles, data collection, literature reviews, public opinion, surveys


With the continued development and increasing prevalence of connected vehicles (CV), there is a growing need to understand the public perception of this technology in Utah and across the US. In particular, CVs represent a potential source of immensely valuable data for traffic operations and planning. The successful collection and use of these data are directly related to public opinion and acceptance. The purpose of this proposed project is to evaluate the current public perception of the collection and potential uses of connected vehicle data by transportation agencies (federal, state, and local). The project will include an extensive literature review and informal discussions with transportation agencies to inform the development of a survey. This survey will be distributed to the public both electronically and in-person. The survey results will be used to develop recommendations for data management policies and public engagement. This project is expected to, primarily, provide an assessment of the current public perception of the collection and use of connected vehicle data. In particular, it is expected that the findings of the survey will include trends among different socio-economic groups, most common concerns, and acceptance of potential uses of the data.

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