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Title:Guidelines for Developing and Reviewing Baseline Schedules for Wyoming Transportation Projects
Principal Investigators:Ahmed Abdelaty
University:University of Wyoming
Grant #:69A3551747108 (FAST Act)
Project #:MPC-654
RH Display ID:156662
Keywords:construction projects, construction scheduling, productivity, recommendations, state of the practice


Wyoming has a short construction season that forces many transportation projects to be completed under tight schedules. Frequently, contractors fail to develop accurate schedules that consider logical work sequencing, reasonable productivity, and weather events. Inaccurate baseline schedules are problematic in terms of progress monitoring and may cause costly schedule slippage. Thus, this project will evaluate the current practices used by Wyoming heavy civil contractors to develop baseline schedules. Additionally, the project will look at how Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) engineers review and approve baseline schedules prior to work commencement. The research team will collect baseline schedules and daily work report (DWR) data to identify challenges and root causes of schedule delays. DWR data contain actual start and finish dates for construction activities. Thus, the project team will determine the actual productivity rates and work sequencing. Afterwards, the project team will compare the actual productivity rates and work sequencing against baseline schedules to identify accurate productivity rates and logical sequencing of activities. Finally, the project team will develop a set of recommendations to improve baseline schedule development and review. These recommendations will be validated by WYDOT engineers and Wyoming contractors to ensure future and realistic implementation.

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