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Project Details

Title:Nutrient Removal and Recovery from Stormwater Using Water Treatment Residual Coated Woodchips
Principal Investigators:Guanghui Hua and Christopher Schmit
University:South Dakota State University
Grant #:69A3551747108 (FAST Act)
Project #:MPC-656
RiP #:01773711
RH Display ID:156667
Keywords:bioremediation, coatings, nitrates, phosphates, pollutants, runoff, sludge (deposit), wood chips


Stormwater discharge from transportation, municipal and agricultural sources may contain various pollutants that can deteriorate water quality of receiving water bodies and threaten public health. Nitrate and phosphate are two important nutrients identified in stormwater runoff. Elevated nutrient levels in surface waters can lead to eutrophication and frequent harmful algal blooms. Woodchip bioreactors have been used to remove nitrate from stormwater runoff. However, woodchips are not effective at phosphate removal. Water treatment residuals (WTR) are sludge produced during coagulation and flocculation processes during drinking water treatment. WTRs typically contain large amounts of aluminum, iron, or calcium compounds with high phosphate adsorption capacity. The objective of this project is to investigate the performance of WTR coated woodchips for nitrate and phosphate removal from stormwater runoff and evaluate the recovery potential of phosphate adsorbed by WTRs. Laboratory batch and column experiments will be conducted to evaluate factors that affect nitrate and phosphate removal by WTR coated woodchips. The phosphate desorption potential of WTR coated woodchips will also be determined. The results of this project can lead to the development of a new, low-cost technology for sustainable nutrient management in stormwater runoff.

Project Word Files

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