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Project Details

Title:Environmentally Sustainable Accelerated Partial Bridge Deck Concrete Removal Methods Analysis
Principal Investigators:Andrew Sorensen and Shuna Ni
University:Utah State University
Grant #:69A3551747108 (FAST Act)
Project #:MPC-661
RiP #:01781309
RH Display ID:159501
Keywords:bridge decks, concrete, environmental impacts, repairing


Recently, significant advances have been made in the development of rapid setting cementitious materials for partial depth bridge deck repair. The rapid set times of these materials allow for traffic to be re-opened on to the bridge deck in a number of hours versus days once the material has been placed. While this is a substantial improvement in reducing the traffic closure time a large amount of time is still spent on the removal of damaged and degradated bridge deck concrete and in prepping the cutouts for placement of the rapid set material. Partial deck removal is a much more delicate process than full deck or pavement removal as the soundness of the concrete surrounding and below the cut out must be maintained. Additionally, some removal and preparation methods have more of an environmental impact than others. This projects seeks to study different techniques to accelerate the preparation process for partial depth replacement as well as evaluate the environmental sustainability of those techniques.

Project Word Files

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