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Project Details

Title:Trespasser and Suicide Prevention Training for Rail Transportation Workers
Principal Investigators:Patrick Sherry and Andi Pusavat
University:University of Denver
Grant #:69A3551747108 (FAST Act)
Project #:MPC-667
RiP #:01783802
RH Display ID:159539
Keywords:education and training, railroads, suicide, trespassers


The proposed project will address trespass and intentional death by suicide on railroads in select areas by evaluating the impact of conducting awareness and prevention training and outreach with key railroad staff, first responders, and community members proximate to the railroad right of way. Previous research has identified the need for more effective training and intervention for gatekeepers and other persons associated with or proximate to individuals considering intentional death by suicide using rail. The project will produce a checklist for railroad personnel and first responders for engaging trespassers at risk for intentional death by rail and increase public awareness and responsiveness in the community to intervene when trespassers and individuals are at risk for harming themselves using railroads. In addition, a checklist for railroad personnel that identifies steps in intervention with trespassers will also be developed. A pre-post measure of participants' and community members' attitudes and knowledge of suicide myths and intervention techniques will also be conducted. Evaluation of the project will also examine the number of trespassers, utilization of community resources, increases in knowledge skills, and self-efficacy among railroad staff, first responders, and members of the community.

Project Word Files

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