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Project Details

Title:Transition of Allowable Stress Rating to Load and Resistance Factor Rating for Timber Bridges
Principal Investigators:Yail "Jimmy" Kim
University:University of Colorado Denver
Grant #:69A3551747108 (FAST Act)
Project #:MPC-675
RiP #:01788883
RH Display ID:159082
Keywords:load and resistance factor design, load factor, stresses, timber construction, wooden bridges


One of the critical challenges facing the infrastructure community is that transportation agencies do not have sufficient information whether Allowable Stress rating (ASR) provides a better rating for timber bridges compared with Load and Resistance Factor rating (LRFR) or vice versa. In other words, simple analytical calculations will merely generate rating factors without knowing the actual performance of timber bridges. Refined investigations are, thus, necessary for addressing this practical matter in order to advance the state of the art of bridge rating technologies. The proposal discusses a comprehensive research program to elucidate the applicability of ASR and LRFR in timber bridges and aims to suggest an appropriate rating protocol. Furthermore, to strengthen the outcomes of the research, an experimental program is conducted with various retrofit methods and their implications will be examined. In so doing, bridge owners can properly manage built-environments and efficiently spend funds on maintenance and traffic control.

Project Word Files

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