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Project Details

Title:Understanding Paratransit: Examining Time Inefficiencies and the Efficacy of Alternative Modes for Persons with Disability
Principal Investigators:Manish Shirgaokar, Aditi Misra, and Wesley Marshall
University:University of Colorado Denver
Grant #:69A3551747108 (FAST Act)
Project #:MPC-677
RiP #:01789836
RH Display ID:159630
Keywords:alternatives analysis, paratransit services, persons with disabilities, travel time reliability, waiting time


Many regard paratransit as an effective door-to-door service for persons with disability (PWDs). Yet, our recent MPC research suggests that PWDs use paratransit as a last resort since it often involves sporadic reliability and a high time burden. We argue that paratransit is time inefficient and remains a lower tier option for regular trip making for PWDs. Given this inefficiency of paratransit to serve the daily travel needs of PWDs, it is likely that other forms of travel including modified vehicles, taxis, ride-hailing, and community-based services might serve PWDs better. Through this research, we will examine the time efficiency of existing paratransit services in the Denver Metropolitan Region. Though scholars have studied paratransit services, there has been little research to examine the heterogeneity in demand. Relying on a dataset shared by the Regional Transportation District, which serves the Denver Metropolitan Region, for over two years of paratransit trips, we will answer two questions: 1) What are characteristics of paratransit trips, and how do they differ between various socio-demographic groups? 2) How does the time efficiency of paratransit compare to that of other potential modes for the same trips?

Project Word Files

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