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Project Details

Title:Numerical Modeling and Parametric Analysis of Grouted Coupler Connections under Varying Impact Loading Conditions
Principal Investigators:Andrew Sorensen and Mohsen Zaker Esteghamati
University:Utah State University
Grant #:69A3551747108 (FAST Act)
Project #:MPC-696
RiP #:01861397
RH Display ID:159657
Keywords:bridge construction, columns, finite element method, impact loads, structural connection


Grouted coupler connections are a common connection type used in Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC). Evaluation for seismic performance of typical ABC column-footing connections has been undertaken in high earthquake prone states like Utah, California, Nevada, and Idaho. However, apart from the dynamic load exhibited by earthquake, the deformation and failure behavior of these connections to vehicular impact is also critical and warrants investigation. This study will seek to develop a sophisticated finite element model would account for an accurate representation of the coupler/rebar interface, energy transfer from the impacted column location through the coupler into the foundation, and material strength degradation. The model will be validated with existing experimental data collected at the USU SMASH Lab. The experimental data consists of single coupler and full scale column testing. The results of the experiments and modelling will also be compared to normal column connections to see if any major differences warrant separate damage index calculations.

Project Word Files

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