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Title:Effect of Service Temperature on Joint Removal in Steel Bridges
Principal Investigators:Hussam Mahmoud
University:Colorado State University
Grant #:DTRT13-G-UTC38 (MAP21)
Project #:MPC-484
RH Display ID:150915
Keywords:abutments, bridge management systems, corrosion, joints (engineering), load and resistance factor design, service life, superstructures


This study will provide departments of transportations and consultant engineers with the insight needed to effectively consider the influence of temperature changes on steel bridges. This will be realized through numerical finite element modeling of prototype bridges in Colorado. Contingent upon the approval of CDOT, the bridges will be instrumented with strain gauges, scratch sensors, and thermocouples to monitor the actual bridge movements and the corresponding thermal temperatures and strains. The models will be constructed using SAP2000 and will include sufficient level of details such that all complex phenomena are captured. The results of the study will give engineers an insight on possible details that can be considered as a substitute for aged or damaged expansion joints. This enhanced understanding will also allow for the design of new bridges with fewer joints for higher long term performance lower maintenance cost.

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