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Title:Automating Inspection and Damage Assessment of Transportation Infrastructure with Photographic Imaging
Principal Investigators:Paul Heyliger and Rebecca Atadero
University:Colorado State University
Grant #:DTRT13-G-UTC38 (MAP21)
Project #:MPC-507
RH Display ID:6932
Keywords:continuing education, defects, deterioration by environmental action, evaluation and assessment, infrastructure, inspection, maintenance practices, structural health monitoring


Maintaining safe operating conditions and effectively allocating maintenance resources depends on accurate and timely assessments of transportation infrastructure condition. Visual inspection of transportation structures is limited by a lack of optimal means of quantifying assessments and tracking changes in such assessments over time. Although several branches of inspection are thorough and robust, most rely on somewhat subjective measures that are in the eye of the beholder and accordingly can have significant levels of variation across different inspectors (Moore et. al., 2001). In this work, a more objective method of inspection and assessment is proposed using technology associated with recently developed methodologies known as Structure from Motion (SFM). This technology allows assessments to be made from a sequence of digital photographs from non-specialized, low-cost equipment (Westoby et al., 2012, Koutsodis et al., 2014). This proposal outlines how such a procedure can be used to develop methods of inspection and assessment of environmental degradation or traumatic damage that is more objective and potentially more valuable in prioritizing transportation structures for repair or maintenance.

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