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Title:Innovative Strengthening for Deteriorated Concrete Bridges Using Embedded Composite Sheets Bonded with Polyester-silica
Principal Investigators:Yail Jimmy Kim
University:University of Colorado Denver
Grant #:DTRT13-G-UTC38 (MAP21)
Project #:MPC-516
RH Display ID:150370
Keywords:carbon fibers, concrete bridges, debonding, fiber reinforced polymers, grouting, innovation, sheets, strengthening (maintenance)


A holistic research program integrating experimental and theoretical investigations is proposed to develop an innovative debonding-control method for CFRP-strengthened concrete members without using external anchorage. Unlike conventional strengthening approaches employing carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) sheets bonded to the surface of concrete, the novel idea is that wide grooves are cut near both ends of a concrete member and CFRP sheets are embedded so that stress concentrations causing end-peeling failure are mitigated. It is important to note that this approach is different from existing near-surface-mounted (NSM) application that requires long grooves for CFRP strips. A grouting agent made of polyester-silica will be used to fill the gap between the embedded CFRP and the concrete substrate. The polyester-silica resin is believed to be a strong candidate providing sufficient bond to the CFRP-concrete interface. The proposed concept for debonding-control of externally bonded CFRP sheets has not been exploited by others previously and thus will advance the state-of-the-art of rehabilitation technologies.

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