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Title:Composite-based Rehabilitation of Constructed Bridge Girders with Grooved Geometrics
Principal Investigators:Yail "Jimmy" Kim
University:University of Colorado Denver
Grant #:69A3551747108 (FAST Act)
Project #:MPC-554
RH Display ID:149921
Keywords:bonding, carbon fibers, composite materials, debonding, epoxides, feasibility analysis, fiber reinforced polymers, girder bridges, rehabilitation (maintenance), shear stress


The concise literature review indicates that the integrity of the composite-substrate interface (specifically, CFRP-concrete interface) is a critical component controlling the performance of repair/strengthening systems. Although the several proposed approaches appear to be applicable, there still is a dearth of research to fundamentally reframe the interfacial characteristics of CFRP composites bonded to a concrete substrate, so that the occurrence of premature debonding can be alleviated. This research explores a novel bonding scheme by creating grooves along the substrate and filled by an epoxy adhesive, which are expected to reduce interfacial shear stresses between the CFRP and concrete. The feasibility of the proposed idea will be experimentally verified and its performance will be comparatively assessed against existing debonding mitigation methods. A theoretical study will be conducted to complement experimental findings, including reliability-based modeling, fuzzy logic, and statistical characterization.

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