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Project Details

Title:Reliability of ABC Grouted Coupler Connected Bridge Piers Subject to Vehicular Impact
Principal Investigators:Andrew D. Sorensen
University:Utah State University
Grant #:69A3551747108 (FAST Act)
Project #:MPC-623
RiP #:01733135
RH Display ID:14377
Keywords:bridge construction, bridge piers, couplers, earthquake resistant design, reliability, seismicity, traffic crashes


Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) refers to a bridge construction type that incorporates innovative techniques, methodologies, and materials to efficiently reduce the construction time, traffic disruption and dynamic performance. The seismic performance of typical ABC pier-footing connections has been undertaken in high earthquake prone states previously, but the performance of these connections under vehicular impact has yet to be studied. This performance is of particular interest because of the frequency of occurrence of vehicular impact to bridge structures. Additionally, the damage resulting from the impact may appear to only be cosmetic; however, the residual capacity of the pier can be drastically reduced. This makes it even more susceptible to failure under subsequent extreme dynamic loading such as seismic. This study analyzes the residual seismic capacity of grouted coupler pier connections that have been subjected to varying levels of vehicular impact. Both the damage level under impact and the resulting reduction in seismic capacity are evaluated to determine the reliability of such connections under a sequential multi-hazard loading scenario.

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