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Project Details

Title:Crash Modeling of High-Profile Moving Vehicles under Strong Crosswinds Based on Computational Fluid Dynamics
Principal Investigators:Karan Venayagamoorthy and Suren Chen
University:Colorado State University
Grant #:69A3551747108 (FAST Act)
Project #:MPC-644
RiP #:01759535
RH Display ID:154954
Keywords:crosswinds, embankments, fluid dynamics, highway bridges, live loads, mathematical models, single vehicle crashes, traffic crashes, trucks, vehicle safety


The overall goal of this research project is to provide new insights and develop preliminary guidelines on improved vehicular safety performances under strong crosswind conditions. The main thrust is on investigating the variability in modeling wind loads on high-profile moving vehicles under different scenarios involving turbulent wind forcing conditions interacting with highway infrastructure (bridges, embankments, cuttings etc.) and adjacent vehicles. To do this in an effective manner, we propose an integrated study comprising of: (i) a comprehensive literature review of the state-of-the-art for modeling wind loads on moving vehicles and crash simulation under high crosswinds; (ii) novel preliminary Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations to explore feasibility to model the wind loads on moving vehicles under different scenarios and (iii) provide preliminary modeling of single vehicle crash occurrence based on the modeled wind loads from CFD.

Project Word Files

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