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Project Details

Title:Optimal Selection of Upgrade and Maintenance Interventions to Minimize Life-Cycle-Cost
Principal Investigators:Moatassem Abdallah and Mehmet Ozbek
University:University of Colorado Denver and Colorado State University
Grant #:69A3551747108 (FAST Act)
Project #:MPC-676
RiP #:01789837
RH Display ID:159629
Keywords:bridges, costs, innovation, life cycle costing, maintenance, mathematical models, modernization, optimization


Operation and maintenance costs are reported to be the longest and most costly phase of buildings and infrastructure systems where it exceeds cost of design and construction. This proposal presents the development an innovation optimization model that can identify optimal selection of upgrade and maintenance interventions to minimize life-cycle-cost or equivalent annual cost of buildings and bridges. The model will be developed in three main steps (1) formulation step where decision variables, objective function and constraints are identified and formulated; (2) implementation step where an optimization algorithm is selected to execute the model computations efficiently; and (3) evaluation step where the performance of the optimization model is verified using case studies. The research team will study two applications of the proposed model, including upgrade and maintenance of buildings and bridges. Furthermore, the team will study the feasibility of expanding the model to analyze multiple assets, such as building portfolio.

Project Word Files

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