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Project Details

Title:Effectiveness of Mitigation Methods and Signage in Reducing Railway Trespassing Events
Principal Investigators:Erika Miller
University:Colorado State University
Grant #:69A3551747108 (FAST Act)
Project #:MPC-681
RiP #:01832692
RH Display ID:159099
Keywords:attitudes, countermeasures, railroad safety, trespassers, warning signs


Railroad right-of-way trespassing is the leading cause of rail-related deaths in the United States. Previous literature proposes that accidental and intentional trespassing events are highly preventable and various engineering, education, and enforcement countermeasures have been implemented. However, these pedestrian-train collisions continue to occur, suggesting benefits could be realized from further analysis of public perceptions relating to railroad rights-of-way. The overall goal of this project is to identify gaps in knowledge between public perception and mitigation methods used to minimize railroad right-of-way trespassing. This will be accomplished by (1) Synthesizing current methods utilized to prevent railroad right-of-way trespassing; (2) Identifying public perceptions of safe and permissible railroad right-of-way crossing behaviors; and (3) Evaluating comprehension of messaging on signs relating to railroad right-of-way trespassing prevention. A literature review will be conducted to compile a list of countermeasures, which will be used to inform the development of a survey. The survey will capture how road users interpret messaging/mitigation methods at their location under various contexts, and how the use of these countermeasures may divert behavior to more unsafe actions in other locations. The results of this study will better inform efforts to mitigate railroad right-of-way trespassing, and as a result, improve safety.

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