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Title:Image-Based 3D Reconstruction of Utah Roadway Assets
Date Recorded:Mar 11, 2021
Project #:MPC-606
Report #:MPC-22-479

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LiDAR (light detection and ranging) is a mature and efficient technology used by various transportation agencies for highway asset management and data collection purposes. While effective, there are some limitations in using LiDAR as a common engineering tool: the technology is relatively expensive; certain levels of expertise and training are required to use LiDAR scanners for data collection and processing results; and the technology may not be available to all units and individuals. Close-range photogrammetry is another emerging technology that could be considered as a potential alternative for LiDAR scanning devices. The technology is based on processing images and videos simply captured by off-the-shelf cameras or smartphones. Unlike LiDAR, close-range photogrammetry is very cost effective, simple, and easy to use. This project is an attempt to study the feasibility of using photogrammetry for highway asset management purposes within the state of Utah.

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