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Project(s) found for the SAFETEA-LU Extension Grant and All Universities
YearProject #TitleStatusUniversity
2013MPC-366Structural Health Monitoring of Highway Bridges Subjected to Overweight Trucks, Phase I - Instrumentation Development and Validation, Year 2CompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2013MPC-409Identification of Low-Risk Adjusted Work Schedules Designed to Manage Fatigue During Peak Service Demand Periods in the Shortline Railroad Industry, Year 1CompletedUniversity of Denver
2013MPC-410Predicting Fatigue Service Life Extension of RC Bridges with Externally Bonded CFRP RepairsCompletedColorado State University
2013MPC-411Re-Use of Mine Waste Materials Amended with Fly Ash in Transportation Earthwork ProjectsCompletedColorado State University
2013MPC-412Fatigue Strength of CFRP-repaired Reinforced Concrete Bridge Girders under Service TemperatureCompletedColorado State University
2013MPC-413A Pilot Case Study to Evaluate the Potential Impact and Benefit of Adopting and Implementing BIM on Bridge and Infrastructure ProjectsCompletedColorado State University
2013MPC-414Quantifying Sustainability Metrics for Trunkline Bridges in the Mountain Plains RegionCompletedColorado State University
2013MPC-415Framework of Performance-Based Earthquake Design of Curved and Skewed BridgesCompletedColorado State University
2013MPC-416Development and Testing of Crashworthy Ipe Bridge RailsCompletedColorado State University
2013MPC-417Evaluation and Development of Livability and Sustainability Programs for Indian ReservationsCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2013MPC-418400 South Corridor AssessmentCompletedUniversity of Utah
2013MPC-419Experimental and Numerical Study for the Debonding Interface Between an Existing Pavement and a New Concrete OverlayCompletedUniversity of Utah
2013MPC-421Seismic Rehabilitation of Skewed and Curved Bridges Using a New Generation of Bulking Restrained BracesCompletedUniversity of Utah
2013MPC-422Highway Structures Supported on Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Embankment without Deep FoundationsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2013MPC-423Impact of Energy Sector Growth on Perceived Transportation Safety in the Seventeen County Oil Region of Western North Dakota: A Longitudinal AnalysisCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2013MPC-424Educational and Workforce Development Proposal: Ethics and Academic ConductCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2013MPC-425Building a Sustainable GIS Framework for Supporting a Tribal Transportation ProgramCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2013MPC-426Does the Livability of a Residential Street Depend on the Characteristics of the Neighboring Street Network?CompletedUniversity of Colorado Denver
2013MPC-427Fire Performance of Bridge Members Retrofitted with Near-Surface-Mounted Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer CompositesCompletedUniversity of Colorado Denver
2013MPC-428Using Recycled Concrete Aggregate in New Concrete ConstructionCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2013MPC-429A Methodology for Developing a Replacement Strategy for County/City Owned BridgesCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2013MPC-430Implementation of Intelligent Compaction Technologies for Road Constructions in WyomingCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2013MPC-431Connected Vehicle Weather Data for Operation of Rural Variable Speed Limit CorridorsCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2013MPC-432Finding Innovative Solutions to Prevent Wildlife Access to Highways at Wildlife GuardsCompletedUtah State University
2013MPC-433Real-Time Traffic Management to Maximize Throughput of Automated VehiclesCompletedUtah State University
2013MPC-434A Bicycle Network Analysis Tool for Planning Applications in Small CommunitiesCompletedUtah State University
2013MPC-435Realization of a Coarse Position Verification System for an Automated Highway SystemCompletedUtah State University
2013MPC-436Using Flocculation to Reduce Turbidity of Construction Site RunoffCompletedSouth Dakota State University
2013MPC-437Fiber Reinforced Concrete for Structure ComponentCompletedSouth Dakota State University
2013MPC-438Calibration of HSM Predictive Methods on Rural State and Local HighwaysCompletedSouth Dakota State University
2013MPC-439Precast Bridge Girder Details for Improved PerformanceCompletedSouth Dakota State University
2013MPC-440Tolerances for Placement of Tie Bars in Portland Cement Concrete PavementsCompletedSouth Dakota State University
2013MPC-441Developing a Pavement Management System for Small CommunitiesCompletedSouth Dakota State University
2013MPC-442Improving Rural Emergency Medical Services (EMS) through Transportation System Enhancements, Phase IICompletedSouth Dakota State University
2013MPC-443Bridge Structure Alternatives for Local RoadsCompletedSouth Dakota State University
2013MPC-444Data-driven Freeway Performance Evaluation Framework for Project Prioritization and Decision MakingCompletedUniversity of Utah
2013MPC-445A Sensor Fusion Approach to Assess Pavement Condition and Maintenance EffectivenessCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2012MPC-354Geotechnical Limit to Scour at Spill-through Abutments, Year 2CompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2012MPC-361Building a Framework for Transportation Resiliency and Evaluating the Resiliency Benefits of Light Rail Transit in Denver, ColoradoCompletedUniversity of Colorado Denver
2012MPC-362Develop Design Guidelines for Integral Abutment BridgesCompletedUtah State University
2012MPC-363A Two-Stage Approach for Estimating a Statewide Truck Trip TableCompletedUtah State University
2012MPC-364Do Changing Prices Portend a Shift in Fuel Consumption, Diminished Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and Lower Fuel Tax Revenue?CompletedUtah State University
2012MPC-365Improved Understanding of Pavement Impacts and Cost-Effective Designs Based on Mechanistic Empirical MethodsCompletedUniversity of Wyoming, North Dakota State University
2012MPC-366Structural Health Monitoring of Highway Bridges Subjected to Overweight Trucks, Phase I - Instrumentation Development and Validation, Year 1CompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2012MPC-367Developing Statistical Models for Crash Severity Comparing Statewide, County and Indian Reservation RoadsCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2012MPC-368Teen Drivers: Crash Factor AnalysisTerminatedNorth Dakota State University
2012MPC-369ND Motor Crash Analysis and Rider Assessment for Improved ConspicuityCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2012MPC-370Anticipatory Guidance for Older DriversCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2012MPC-371Decision Support for Strategic Truck Safety and Weight Enforcement Planning, Year 1CompletedNorth Dakota State University
2012MPC-372A Novel Methodology for Quantifying the Performance of Constructed Bridges in Cold Regions: Development, Assessment, and RepairCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2012MPC-373Damage Assessment, Characterization, and Modeling for Enhanced Design of Concrete Bridge Decks in Cold RegionsCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2012MPC-374An Integrated Real-Time Health Monitoring and Impact/Collision Detection System for Bridges in Cold Remote RegionsCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2012MPC-375Small Railroad Capital Investment Needs and Financial OptionsTerminatedNorth Dakota State University
2012MPC-376Improved Understanding of Pavements Impacts and Cost-Effective Designs Based on Mechanistic-Empirical MethodsCompletedNorth Dakota State University, University of Wyoming
2012MPC-377Assessing Existing Transportation Sustainability Rating Systems for use in the Mountain-Plains Consortium StatesCompletedColorado State University
2012MPC-378MEMS Sensors for Transportation StructuresCompletedColorado State University
2012MPC-379Plastic-Aluminum Composites in Transportation InfrastructureCompletedColorado State University
2012MPC-380Investigation of Interactions Between Traffic Law Enforcement and Driving Behavior on Rural Highways in ColoradoCompletedColorado State University
2012MPC-381Performance-based Interaction Analysis of Damage on Bridge Expansion Joints and Heavy TrafficCompletedColorado State University
2012MPC-382Seismic Behavior of Steel Bridges with Fatigue-Prone DetailsCompletedColorado State University
2012MPC-383Seismic Performance of Highway EmbankmentsCompletedColorado State University
2012MPC-384Understanding Public Perceptions of Different Revenue Generation Systems for Highway Construction and MaintenanceCompletedColorado State University
2012MPC-385Educational and Workforce Development Proposal: STEM Outreach at Colorado State UniversityCompletedColorado State University
2012MPC-386Use of Travel Time, Travel Time Reliability, and Winter Condition Index Information for Improved Operation of Rural InterstatesCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2012MPC-387Comprehensive GIS-Based Rural Regional Transportation Planning ModelsTerminatedNorth Dakota State University
2012MPC-390Design and Construction Monitoring of Surcharged EmbankmentCompletedUniversity of Utah
2012MPC-391Implementation of Low Temperature Test for Asphalt Mixtures to Improve the Longevity of Road SurfacesCompletedUniversity of Utah
2012MPC-392Evaluation of Spliced Sleeve Connections for Precast Reinforced Concrete Bridge PiersCompletedUniversity of Utah
2012MPC-393Traffic Modeling of Transit Oriented DevelopmentCompletedUniversity of Utah
2012MPC-394Quantifying Uncertainty in Nondestructive Bridge Inspection Methods for use in Performance Based InspectionCompletedColorado State University
2012MPC-395Accelerated Bridge Construction in South Dakota: Pilot Study for Implementation StrategyCompletedSouth Dakota State University
2012MPC-396Extent, Severity, and Location of Chip Seal Loss on the South Dakota State Road NetworkTerminatedSouth Dakota State University
2012MPC-397Evaluation and Mitigation of Vehicle Impact Hazard for Overpass Bridges in South DakotaCompletedSouth Dakota State University
2012MPC-398Selection of Discount Rates for Infrastructure InvestmentCompletedSouth Dakota State University
2012MPC-399Improving Rural Emergency Medical Services through Transportation System EnhancementsCompletedSouth Dakota State University
2012MPC-400Evaluation of Ice Loads on Bridge Piers in South Dakota, Years 2 & 3CompletedSouth Dakota State University
2012MPC-401Review of Road User Costs (RUC) and MethodsCompletedSouth Dakota State University
2012MPC-402Seismic Performance of SCC Bridge ColumnsCompletedSouth Dakota State University
2012MPC-403Web-Based Decision Support Tool for Traffic Management and Work Zone AnalysisCompletedUniversity of Utah
2012MPC-404Seismic Performance of Concrete Filled Steel Tube Bridge Columns For Accelerated Bridge ConstructionCompletedUniversity of Utah
2012MPC-405Seismic Retrofit of Spliced Sleeve Connections for Precast Bridge PiersCompletedUniversity of Utah
2012MPC-406Risk- and Reliability-Based Approaches to Analyzing Road Geometric Design CriteriaCompletedUniversity of Utah
2012MPC-407The Effect of Multi-tasking on Self-Assessments of Driving Performance Center for the Prevention of Distracted DrivingCompletedUniversity of Utah
2012MPC-408Exploring Unique Plastic-Reinforced Bridge Decks, Phase ICompletedColorado State University
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