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Project(s) found for All Grants and University of Utah
YearProject #TitleStatusUniversity
2022MPC-692A Risk-Based Framework for Optimizing Inspection Planning of Utah CulvertsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2022MPC-697A Microscopic Approach for Electric Vehicle Demand EstimationActiveUniversity of Utah
2022MPC-698Connected Vehicle Winter Safety Improvement with Infrared Thermography TechnologyActiveUniversity of Utah
2022MPC-699Evaluating Different Methods for Estimating Queue Length on Access RampsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2022MPC-700Numerical Analysis of ABC Hybrid Bridge Bents Constructed with Hybrid ReinforcementActiveUniversity of Utah
2022MPC-701Relation between Dynamic Modulus of Asphalt Material and Its Cracking ToleranceActiveUniversity of Utah
2021MPC-657Knowledge-Based Machine Learning for Freeway COVID-19 Traffic Impact Analysis and Traffic Incident ManagementCompletedNorth Dakota State University, University of Utah
2021MPC-668Mobile Phone-Based Artificial Intelligence Development for Maintenance Asset ManagementActiveUniversity of Utah
2021MPC-669Intelligent Safety Assessment of Rural Roadways Using Automated Image and Video AnalysisCompletedUniversity of Utah
2021MPC-670Numerical Simulation of Strengthening of Bridge Decks with Partial-Depth Precast Deck PanelsActiveUniversity of Utah
2021MPC-671Development of Dynamic Modulus Parameters from Single Point TestsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2021MPC-672The Feasibility of Promoting Local Rail Vibrations Using Electromechanical Impedance MethodActiveUniversity of Utah
2020MPC-606Image-Based 3D Reconstruction of Utah Roadway AssetsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2020MPC-607Loading and Wetting-Induced Settlement of Bridge Approach Embankment MaterialsActiveUniversity of Utah
2020MPC-608The Impact of the Mobility as a Service Mode on Transit AccessCompletedUniversity of Utah
2020MPC-609Durable Bridges Using Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer and Hybrid Reinforced Concrete ColumnsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2020MPC-610Impact of Regulatory Hybrid Changeable Message Sign on Traffic Safety under Different Freeway Geometric DesignsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2020MPC-611Field Performance of Asphalt Mixtures Based on Flexibility Index ResultsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2020MPC-635Field Evaluation of Geogrid-Reinforced Pavement Systems on Soft SubgradesActiveUniversity of Utah
2020MPC-636Strategic Deployment of Drone Centers and Fleet Size Planning for Drone Delivery in UtahCompletedUniversity of Utah
2020MPC-637Assessing and Improving Efficiency of Snowplowing Operations via Data and AnalyticsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2020MPC-638Analysis of ABC Bridge Column-to-Footing Joints with Recessed Splice Sleeve ConnectorsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2020MPC-639Automated Image-Based Aircraft Tracking and Record-Keeping for Utah AirportsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2020MPC-640Testing of Field Cores to Determine Performance of Asphalt Mixture Performance ParameterCompletedUniversity of Utah
2020MPC-641Design and Evaluate Coordinated Ramp Metering Strategies for Utah FreewaysCompletedUniversity of Utah
2019MPC-586Mitigation of Differential Settlement at Highway Bridge ApproachesActiveUniversity of Utah
2019MPC-587Use of Geogrid in Pavement Systems to Provide Longer Service Life and Reduced MaintenanceCompletedUniversity of Utah
2019MPC-588Hybrid Bridge Bents Using Post-tensioned Precast Columns for Accelerated Bridge Construction in High Seismic RegionsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2019MPC-589Use of the IDEAL-CT Test for Pavement Cracking to Achieve a Balanced Asphalt Mix DesignCompletedUniversity of Utah
2019MPC-590Impact of Connected Vehicle Technology on Traffic Safety under Different Highway Geometric DesignsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2017MPC-542Exploratory Modeling and Analysis for Automated Vehicles in UtahCompletedUniversity of Utah
2017MPC-543Big Transportation Data AnalyticsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2017MPC-544Lifecycle Assessment Using Snowplow Trucks' Automatic Vehicle Location DataCompletedUniversity of Utah
2017MPC-545Self-Centering Bridge Bent for Accelerated Bridge Construction in Seismic RegionsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2017MPC-546Field Performance of Asphalt Pavements at Low and Intermediate TemperaturesCompletedUniversity of Utah
2016MPC-524Development of Next Generation Liquefaction Database for Liquefaction-Induced Lateral SpreadCompletedUniversity of Utah
2016MPC-525Does Cell Phone Use Impair Learning and Improvement in Driving Performance?CompletedUniversity of Utah
2016MPC-526Seismic Repair of Concrete Wall Piers Using CFRP Active ConfinementCompletedUniversity of Utah
2016MPC-527Strategic Planning and Design for Electric Bus SystemsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2016MPC-528Hotspot and Sampling Analysis for Effective Maintenance Management and Performance MonitoringCompletedUniversity of Utah
2016MPC-529Alternative in-situ Water-Cement Meter Using a Parallel-Plate Capacitor ConceptTerminatedUniversity of Utah
2015MPC-490Longevity of Air Pollution Mitigating Photo-Catalytic Coatings on Transportation InfrastructureTerminatedUniversity of Utah
2015MPC-491Self-Centering Buckling Restrained Braces for Curved BridgesCompletedUniversity of Utah
2015MPC-492Early-Age Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Properties for OverlaysCompletedUniversity of Utah
2015MPC-493Incorporating Maintenance Costs and Considerations into Highway Design DecisionsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2015MPC-494Statistical Analysis and Sampling Standards for Maintenance Management Quality AssuranceCompletedUniversity of Utah
2015MPC-495Safety Effects of Protected and Protected/Permitted Left-Turn PhasesCompletedUniversity of Utah
2015MPC-496Prevention of Low Temperature Cracking of PavementsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2014MPC-465Development of Performance Matrices for Evaluating Innovative Intersections and InterchangesCompletedUniversity of Utah
2014MPC-466First and Last Mile Strategies for Transit SystemsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2014MPC-467Self-Regulation and DistractionCompletedUniversity of Utah
2014MPC-468Performance Evaluation of Highway Surface Treatments, Phase I: Short-Term PerformanceCompletedUniversity of Utah
2014MPC-469Improving Efficiency and Reliability of Bus Rapid TransitCompletedUniversity of Utah
2013MPC-418400 South Corridor AssessmentCompletedUniversity of Utah
2013MPC-419Experimental and Numerical Study for the Debonding Interface Between an Existing Pavement and a New Concrete OverlayCompletedUniversity of Utah
2013MPC-420Environmentally Benign Extraction of Bitumen from Oil Sands for Pavement BinderTerminatedUniversity of Utah
2013MPC-421Seismic Rehabilitation of Skewed and Curved Bridges Using a New Generation of Bulking Restrained BracesCompletedUniversity of Utah
2013MPC-422Highway Structures Supported on Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Embankment without Deep FoundationsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2013MPC-444Data-driven Freeway Performance Evaluation Framework for Project Prioritization and Decision MakingCompletedUniversity of Utah
2012MPC-388I-15 Express Lane Dynamic Pricing AssessmentTerminatedUniversity of Utah
2012MPC-389Flex Lane Driver AnalysisTerminatedUniversity of Utah
2012MPC-390Design and Construction Monitoring of Surcharged EmbankmentCompletedUniversity of Utah
2012MPC-391Implementation of Low Temperature Test for Asphalt Mixtures to Improve the Longevity of Road SurfacesCompletedUniversity of Utah
2012MPC-392Evaluation of Spliced Sleeve Connections for Precast Reinforced Concrete Bridge PiersCompletedUniversity of Utah
2012MPC-393Traffic Modeling of Transit Oriented DevelopmentCompletedUniversity of Utah
2012MPC-403Web-Based Decision Support Tool for Traffic Management and Work Zone AnalysisCompletedUniversity of Utah
2012MPC-404Seismic Performance of Concrete Filled Steel Tube Bridge Columns For Accelerated Bridge ConstructionCompletedUniversity of Utah
2012MPC-405Seismic Retrofit of Spliced Sleeve Connections for Precast Bridge PiersCompletedUniversity of Utah
2012MPC-406Risk- and Reliability-Based Approaches to Analyzing Road Geometric Design CriteriaCompletedUniversity of Utah
2012MPC-407The Effect of Multi-tasking on Self-Assessments of Driving Performance Center for the Prevention of Distracted DrivingCompletedUniversity of Utah
2010-11 Transit ConferenceCompletedUniversity of Utah
2010-11MPC-288Utah Department of Transportation Traffic Operations Center Operator Training, Year 4CompletedUniversity of Utah
2010-11MPC-360Safety Impacts of Design Exceptions in UtahCompletedUniversity of Utah
2009-10MPC-288Utah Department of Transportation Traffic Operations Center Operator Training, Year 3CompletedUniversity of Utah
2009-10MPC-313Evaluation of LRT and BRT Impact on Traffic Operations in Salt Lake City Metropolitan Region, Year 2CompletedUniversity of Utah
2009-10MPC-314Assessing the User Impacts of Fast-Track Highway Construction (ABC), Year 2CompletedUniversity of Utah
2009-10MPC-321Salt Lake City InternshipTerminatedUniversity of Utah
2009-10MPC-322Driver SimulationCompletedUniversity of Utah
2008-09MPC-288Utah Department of Transportation Traffic Operations Center Operator Training, Year 2CompletedUniversity of Utah
2008-09MPC-313Evaluation of LRT and BRT Impact on Traffic Operations in Salt Lake City Metropolitan Region, Year 1CompletedUniversity of Utah
2008-09MPC-314Assessing the User Impacts of Fast-Track Highway Construction (ABC), Year 1CompletedUniversity of Utah
2007-08MPC-282Express Lane Genetic Algorithm Microsimulation Evaluation, Part 2CompletedUniversity of Utah
2007-08MPC-288Utah Department of Transportation Traffic Operations Center Operator Training, Year 1CompletedUniversity of Utah
2007-08MPC-289Evaluation of Optimal Traffic Monitoring Station Spacing on FreewaysCompletedUniversity of Utah
2007-08MPC-290Evaluation of Transit Signal Priority Strategies for Bus Rapid Transit Project on 3500 South Street in Salt Lake County, UTCompletedUniversity of Utah
2006-07MPC-282Analysis of the I-15 Express Lane Pilot Project: Salt Lake and Utah County, Part 1ACompletedUniversity of Utah
2006-07MPC-282Calibration and Validation of I-15 VISSIM model through a Genetic Algorithm, Part 1BCompletedUniversity of Utah
2006-07MPC-283Seismic Vulnerability and Emergency Response Analyses of UDOT LifelinesCompletedUniversity of Utah
2006-07MPC-284Adaptive Signal Control VCompletedUniversity of Utah
2005-06MPC-265Design/Build vs Traditional Construction User Delay Modeling: An Evaluation of the Cost Effectiveness of Innovative Construction Methods for New ConstructionCompletedUniversity of Utah
2004-05MPC-251Adaptive Signal Control IVCompletedUniversity of Utah
2004-05MPC-252High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes Evaluation IIICompletedUniversity of Utah
2004-05MPC-253Effectiveness of Traveler Information SystemsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2004-05MPC-254Utah Intersection Safety: Issues, Contributing Factors and MitigationsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2003-04MPC-244Adaptive Signal Control IIICompletedUniversity of Utah
2003-04MPC-245Video Imaging System EvaluationCompletedUniversity of Utah
2003-04MPC-246High Occupancy Vehicle Evaluation IICompletedUniversity of Utah
2002-03MPC-231Automated Data Collection, Analysis, and ArchivalCompletedUniversity of Utah
2002-03MPC-232Detector Technology EvaluationCompletedUniversity of Utah
2002-03MPC-233Evaluate Effectiveness of Dilemma Zone Advanced Signal WarningCompletedUniversity of Utah
2002-03MPC-237Affordable Trip Feasibility Scheduling for Rural Paratransit SystemsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2001-02MPC-225Evaluation of the I-15 High Occupancy Vehicle LanesCompletedUniversity of Utah
2001-02MPC-226Adaptive Signal Control for Downtown Salt Lake City, Part IICompletedUniversity of Utah
2000-01MPC-208Surface Street Level of Service Using Existing Detector InfrastructureCompletedUniversity of Utah
2000-01MPC-209Advanced Traffic Management System Evaluation Data Collection MethodologyCompletedUniversity of Utah
2000-01MPC-210Adaptive Signal Control for Downtown Salt Lake CityCompletedUniversity of Utah
2000-01MPC-211Evaluating and Improving the Safety of Pedestrian Crossing in UtahCompletedUniversity of Utah
2000-01MPC-212Intelligent Transportation Systems Course DevelopmentCompletedUniversity of Utah
2000-01MPC-213Paratransit Coordination for Rural CommunitiesCompletedUniversity of Utah
1999-00MPC-184Accident Data AvailabilityCompletedUniversity of Utah
1999-00MPC-185Incident Detection Algorithm EvaluationCompletedUniversity of Utah
1999-00MPC-186Evaluation of Road Weather Information System (RWIS) Data and Dissemination of Data to PublicCompletedUniversity of Utah
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