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Project(s) found for Active Grants and University of Wyoming
YearProject #TitleStatusUniversity
2020MPC-633A Feasibility Study for Establishing a Regional Road Track Pavement Testing Facility in WyomingActiveUniversity of Wyoming
2017MPC-541Assessing Road Conditions for Wyoming County Gravel RoadsCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2019MPC-598Assessing the Effectiveness of the Wyoming Connected Vehicle Pilot Program: New Traffic Safety Research PerspectivesActiveUniversity of Wyoming
2020MPC-630Automated Real-Time Weather Detection System using Artificial IntelligenceActiveUniversity of Wyoming
2021MPC-683Beneficial Reuse of Landfilled Fly Ash in Transportation InfrastructureActiveColorado State University, University of Wyoming
2019MPC-599Connected-Autonomous Traffic Signal Control Algorithms for Trucks and Fleet VehiclesCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2022MPC-686Developing a Collision Warning and Collision Avoidance System for WYDOT SnowplowsActiveUniversity of Wyoming
2019MPC-600Developing a Prototype System for Establishing Passing and No-Passing Zones of Two-Lane HighwaysActiveUniversity of Wyoming
2021MPC-651Development of LRFD Recommendations of Driven Piles on Intermediate GeomaterialsCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2020MPC-631Enhancing Crash Data Reporting to Highway Safety Partners in Wyoming by Utilizing Big Data Analysis and Survey TechniquesCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2021MPC-654Guidelines for Developing and Reviewing Baseline Schedules for Wyoming Transportation ProjectsCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2020MPC-632Improving Design and Construction of Transportation Infrastructure through Bedrock CharacterizationCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2018MPC-572Incorporating Tourism Data in Traffic Estimation on Wyoming Low-Volume RoadsCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2021MPC-655Motorcycle Safety Assessment in Wyoming and Utah: Crash Characteristics and Contributing FactorsCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2021MPC-653Optimize the Work Zone Safety with Spatial Information Technology and Eye TrackerCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2018MPC-574Proposing New Speed Limit in Mountainous Areas Considering the Effect of Longitudinal Grades, Vehicle Characteristics, and the Weather ConditionCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2018MPC-573Proposing the Super DDI Design to Improve the Performance of Failing Service Interchanges in Mountain-Plains RegionCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2021MPC-652Reducing Shrinkage Cracking in Bridge Decks Using the Single and Double-Ring Test MethodsCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2017MPC-539Ultra-accelerated Method to Evaluate Recycled Concrete Aggregate in New ConstructionCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2017MPC-540Updating and Implementing the Grade Severity Rating System (GSRS) for Wyoming Mountain PassesCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
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