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Project(s) found for the FAST Act Grant and All Universities
YearProject #TitleStatusUniversity
2022MPC-684The Impact of Transportation Service on Food Access Among Native Americans in North Dakota: A Case StudyCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2022MPC-685MPC Regional Emergency Evacuation Analysis in Traffic with Connected and Autonomous VehiclesCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2022MPC-686Developing a Collision Warning and Collision Avoidance System for WYDOT SnowplowsActiveUniversity of Wyoming
2022MPC-687Enhancing the Resiliency of Pavement Infrastructure Built on Sulfate-Rich Expansive Soil Subjected to Climate ChangeActiveSouth Dakota State University
2022MPC-688Response of Bed Shear Stress in Open-Channel Flow to a Sudden Change in Bed RoughnessActiveSouth Dakota State University
2022MPC-689Effectiveness of Sustainable Asphalt Recycling AgentsActiveSouth Dakota State University
2022MPC-690Pilot Scale Evaluation of Escherichia Coli Removal from Stormwater Runoff Using Steel Byproduct FiltrationActiveSouth Dakota State University
2022MPC-691Impact of Rail Trespasser Fatalities & Suicide on Mental Health and Safety Culture of Rail Transportation WorkersActiveUniversity of Denver
2022MPC-692A Risk-Based Framework for Optimizing Inspection Planning of Utah CulvertsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2022MPC-693Pedestrian Safety and Traffic Operations Near Transit StopsActiveUtah State University
2022MPC-694Calibrating Ground Response Analyses beneath an Instrumented Bridge Using the I-15 Borehole Array and Ground Motions from the Magna EarthquakeCompletedUtah State University
2022MPC-695Durability and Volumetric Stability of Non-Proprietary Ultra High Performance Concrete Mixes Batched With Locally Sourced MaterialsActiveUtah State University
2022MPC-696Numerical Modeling and Parametric Analysis of Grouted Coupler Connections under Varying Impact Loading ConditionsActiveUtah State University
2022MPC-697A Microscopic Approach for Electric Vehicle Demand EstimationActiveUniversity of Utah
2022MPC-698Connected Vehicle Winter Safety Improvement with Infrared Thermography TechnologyActiveUniversity of Utah
2022MPC-699Evaluating Different Methods for Estimating Queue Length on Access RampsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2022MPC-700Numerical Analysis of ABC Hybrid Bridge Bents Constructed with Hybrid ReinforcementActiveUniversity of Utah
2022MPC-701Relation between Dynamic Modulus of Asphalt Material and Its Cracking ToleranceActiveUniversity of Utah
2021MPC-646Fatigue, Health and CMV Driving Behavior during the COVID-19 PandemicActiveUniversity of Denver
2021MPC-647A Systems-Level Analysis of Left-Turning Vehicle-Pedestrian CrashesActiveUniversity of Colorado Denver
2021MPC-648Repairing Concrete Structures Using Near-Surface Mounted Composites with Inorganic Resins under Simulated Multihazard DamageCompletedUniversity of Colorado Denver
2021MPC-649Assessment of Safe Work Indicators in Transportation Construction Using Personal Monitoring SystemsCompletedUniversity of Colorado Denver
2021MPC-650Improving Deep Learning Models for Bridge Management Using Physics-Based Deep LearningActiveUniversity of Colorado Denver
2021MPC-651Development of LRFD Recommendations of Driven Piles on Intermediate GeomaterialsCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2021MPC-652Reducing Shrinkage Cracking in Bridge Decks Using the Single and Double-Ring Test MethodsCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2021MPC-653Optimize the Work Zone Safety with Spatial Information Technology and Eye TrackerCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2021MPC-654Guidelines for Developing and Reviewing Baseline Schedules for Wyoming Transportation ProjectsCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2021MPC-655Motorcycle Safety Assessment in Wyoming and Utah: Crash Characteristics and Contributing FactorsCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2021MPC-656Nutrient Removal and Recovery from Stormwater Using Water Treatment Residual Coated WoodchipsActiveSouth Dakota State University
2021MPC-657Knowledge-Based Machine Learning for Freeway COVID-19 Traffic Impact Analysis and Traffic Incident ManagementCompletedNorth Dakota State University, University of Utah
2021MPC-658Analysis of Benefits and Costs for Gravel and Unpaved RoadsActiveNorth Dakota State University
2021MPC-659Equitable Deployment of Wireless Charging Lanes in Transportation NetworksActiveUtah State University
2021MPC-660State of the Practice of Crash Reporting in the US and Implications for CAV Safety AssessmentCompletedUtah State University
2021MPC-661Environmentally Sustainable Accelerated Partial Bridge Deck Concrete Removal Methods AnalysisActiveUtah State University
2021MPC-662Impacts of Wildfire Smoke and Other Area-Wide Air Pollution on Multimodal Traffic VolumesActiveUtah State University
2021MPC-663Impacts of Vehicle Fires on Polymer Concrete Bridge Deck OverlaysActiveUtah State University
2021MPC-664Electrospun Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate Microfibers as an Asphalt Binder ModifierActiveSouth Dakota State University
2021MPC-665Remote Sensing of Transportation Assets Using Drones and Artificial IntelligenceActiveNorth Dakota State University
2021MPC-666Autonomous Aircraft Logistics: Challenges and OpportunitiesCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2021MPC-667Trespasser and Suicide Prevention Training for Rail Transportation WorkersActiveUniversity of Denver
2021MPC-668Mobile Phone-Based Artificial Intelligence Development for Maintenance Asset ManagementActiveUniversity of Utah
2021MPC-669Intelligent Safety Assessment of Rural Roadways Using Automated Image and Video AnalysisCompletedUniversity of Utah
2021MPC-670Numerical Simulation of Strengthening of Bridge Decks with Partial-Depth Precast Deck PanelsActiveUniversity of Utah
2021MPC-671Development of Dynamic Modulus Parameters from Single Point TestsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2021MPC-672The Feasibility of Promoting Local Rail Vibrations Using Electromechanical Impedance MethodActiveUniversity of Utah
2021MPC-673Multimodal, Multistate Corridor Modeling for Long-Distance Movements of Food and Containerized GoodsActiveNorth Dakota State University
2021MPC-674MPC Tribal Transportation Training and Technology Transfer ProgramActiveNorth Dakota State University
2021MPC-675Transition of Allowable Stress Rating to Load and Resistance Factor Rating for Timber BridgesActiveUniversity of Colorado Denver
2021MPC-676Optimal Selection of Upgrade and Maintenance Interventions to Minimize Life-Cycle-CostActiveUniversity of Colorado Denver, Colorado State University
2021MPC-677Understanding Paratransit: Examining Time Inefficiencies and the Efficacy of Alternative Modes for Persons with DisabilityActiveUniversity of Colorado Denver
2021MPC-678Pedestrian Infrastructure and ADA Compliance: Leveraging Advances in Spatial TechnologiesActiveUniversity of Colorado Denver
2021MPC-679Framework of Adaptive Intersection Traffic Control Strategy for Urban Traffic Network Subjected to DisruptionsCompletedColorado State University
2021MPC-680Non-Contact 3-Component (3C) Displacement Measurements with a Dual-Stereo Vision Enabled Uncrewed Aerial System (UAS)ActiveColorado State University
2021MPC-681Effectiveness of Mitigation Methods and Signage in Reducing Railway Trespassing EventsActiveColorado State University
2021MPC-682Incorporation of Social Equity Considerations into Transportation Asset ManagementActiveColorado State University
2021MPC-683Beneficial Reuse of Landfilled Fly Ash in Transportation InfrastructureActiveColorado State University, University of Wyoming
2020MPC-605Validation of Smartphone AlertMeter Fatigue Assessment Device for Transportation WorkersCompletedUniversity of Denver
2020MPC-606Image-Based 3D Reconstruction of Utah Roadway AssetsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2020MPC-607Loading and Wetting-Induced Settlement of Bridge Approach Embankment MaterialsActiveUniversity of Utah
2020MPC-608The Impact of the Mobility as a Service Mode on Transit AccessCompletedUniversity of Utah
2020MPC-609Durable Bridges Using Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer and Hybrid Reinforced Concrete ColumnsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2020MPC-610Impact of Regulatory Hybrid Changeable Message Sign on Traffic Safety under Different Freeway Geometric DesignsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2020MPC-611Field Performance of Asphalt Mixtures Based on Flexibility Index ResultsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2020MPC-612Studying the Use of Low-Cost Sensing Devices to Report Roadway Pavement ConditionsActiveUniversity of Colorado Denver
2020MPC-613Behavior of Composite-Strengthened Concrete Bridge Members under Multi-Hazard LoadingsActiveUniversity of Colorado Denver
2020MPC-614Learning from the Travel Experiences of Persons with Disabilities: Investigating Navigation Challenges Posed by InfrastructureCompletedUniversity of Colorado Denver
2020MPC-615A LiDAR-Based Approach to Quantitatively Assessing StreetscapesCompletedUniversity of Colorado Denver
2020MPC-616Descriptive and Predictive Deep Learning Analytical Tools for Enhanced Bridge Management: Bridge Subtyping and Bridge Deterioration ForecastingActiveUniversity of Colorado Denver
2020MPC-617Modeling Disrupted Transportation Infrastructure System due to Multiple HazardsCompletedColorado State University
2020MPC-618Investigating the Applicability of Multi-Fidelity Modeling to Condition Evaluation of Transportation InfrastructureActiveColorado State University
2020MPC-619Evaluating Nonlinear Methods for Flood Hydrograph Generation to Evaluate Bridge ScourCompletedColorado State University
2020MPC-620Visible and Thermal Imaging in a Deep-Learning Approach to Robust Automated Pothole Detection and Highway Maintenance PrioritizationActiveColorado State University
2020MPC-621Public Perception of the Collection and Use of Connected Vehicle DataCompletedUtah State University
2020MPC-622Utilizing Traffic Signal Pedestrian Push-Button Data for Planning and Safety AnalysisCompletedUtah State University
2020MPC-623Reliability of ABC Grouted Coupler Connected Bridge Piers Subject to Vehicular ImpactActiveUtah State University
2020MPC-624Evaluating the Impacts of Deploying Automated Roads for Infrastructure-Enabled Autonomous VehiclesActiveUtah State University
2020MPC-625Effect of Deicing Agents and Environmental Conditions on Performance of Asphalt Pavements in Cold RegionsActiveSouth Dakota State University
2020MPC-626Effectiveness of Concrete Bridge Deck SealantsActiveSouth Dakota State University
2020MPC-627Exploration of Alternative Spatio-Temporal Methods of Traffic Safety Network ScreeningActiveSouth Dakota State University
2020MPC-628Impaired Driving Safety Program Strategies Pilot and Dashboard: Improving Prevention Outcomes Based on Subpopulation Risk Factors and Individualized Risk AssessmentCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2020MPC-629Evaluation of Density and Moisture Testing for Granular MaterialsActiveSouth Dakota State University
2020MPC-630Automated Real-Time Weather Detection System using Artificial IntelligenceActiveUniversity of Wyoming
2020MPC-631Enhancing Crash Data Reporting to Highway Safety Partners in Wyoming by Utilizing Big Data Analysis and Survey TechniquesCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2020MPC-632Improving Design and Construction of Transportation Infrastructure through Bedrock CharacterizationCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2020MPC-633A Feasibility Study for Establishing a Regional Road Track Pavement Testing Facility in WyomingActiveUniversity of Wyoming
2020MPC-634Durable and Constructible Materials in Glass Reinforced Concrete to Efficiently Shape Magnetic FieldsCompletedUtah State University
2020MPC-635Field Evaluation of Geogrid-Reinforced Pavement Systems on Soft SubgradesActiveUniversity of Utah
2020MPC-636Strategic Deployment of Drone Centers and Fleet Size Planning for Drone Delivery in UtahCompletedUniversity of Utah
2020MPC-637Assessing and Improving Efficiency of Snowplowing Operations via Data and AnalyticsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2020MPC-638Analysis of ABC Bridge Column-to-Footing Joints with Recessed Splice Sleeve ConnectorsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2020MPC-639Automated Image-Based Aircraft Tracking and Record-Keeping for Utah AirportsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2020MPC-640Testing of Field Cores to Determine Performance of Asphalt Mixture Performance ParameterCompletedUniversity of Utah
2020MPC-641Design and Evaluate Coordinated Ramp Metering Strategies for Utah FreewaysCompletedUniversity of Utah
2020MPC-642Resilience-Based Recovery Planning of Transportation Network Following EarthquakesActiveColorado State University
2020MPC-643Development of a New Airborne Portable Sensing System to Investigate Bridge ResponseActiveColorado State University
2020MPC-644Crash Modeling of High-Profile Moving Vehicles under Strong Crosswinds Based on Computational Fluid DynamicsActiveColorado State University
2020MPC-645Seamless Comparative Modeling of Natural Hazards Using the Material Point MethodActiveColorado State University
2019MPC-586Mitigation of Differential Settlement at Highway Bridge ApproachesActiveUniversity of Utah
2019MPC-587Use of Geogrid in Pavement Systems to Provide Longer Service Life and Reduced MaintenanceCompletedUniversity of Utah
2019MPC-588Hybrid Bridge Bents Using Post-tensioned Precast Columns for Accelerated Bridge Construction in High Seismic RegionsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2019MPC-589Use of the IDEAL-CT Test for Pavement Cracking to Achieve a Balanced Asphalt Mix DesignCompletedUniversity of Utah
2019MPC-590Impact of Connected Vehicle Technology on Traffic Safety under Different Highway Geometric DesignsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2019MPC-591Reliability-Based Traffic Safety Risk Assessment of Traffic System in Hazardous Driving Conditions to Promote Community ResilienceCompletedColorado State University
2019MPC-592Development of an Autonomous Transportation Infrastructure Inspection System Based on Unmanned Aerial VehiclesCompletedColorado State University
2019MPC-593Probabilistic Modeling of Landslide Hazards to Improve the Resilience of Transportation InfrastructureCompletedColorado State University
2019MPC-594Transferring Research Innovations in Bridge Inspection Planning to Bridge Inspection PracticeCompletedColorado State University
2019MPC-595Mechanically Spliced Precast Bridge ColumnsCompletedSouth Dakota State University
2019MPC-596Measurement of Turbulent Flow Characteristics and Bed Shear Stress in Laboratory Soil Erosion TestsActiveSouth Dakota State University
2019MPC-597Bacteria Removal from Stormwater Runoff Using Steel Byproduct FiltersActiveSouth Dakota State University
2019MPC-598Assessing the Effectiveness of the Wyoming Connected Vehicle Pilot Program: New Traffic Safety Research PerspectivesActiveUniversity of Wyoming
2019MPC-599Connected-Autonomous Traffic Signal Control Algorithms for Trucks and Fleet VehiclesCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2019MPC-600Developing a Prototype System for Establishing Passing and No-Passing Zones of Two-Lane HighwaysActiveUniversity of Wyoming
2019MPC-601Sensitivity and Accuracy Assessment of Vehicle Weigh-in-Motion System Measurement Errors Using In-Pavement Strain-Based SensorsActiveNorth Dakota State University
2019MPC-602Local Road Safety Program Evaluation: Perceptions, Experiences & ImplementationCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2019MPC-603Investigating Bicyclist Safety Perceptions and Behaviors at RoundaboutsCompletedUtah State University
2019MPC-604Improving Safety in Transit and Freight Operations: Development of a Safety Leadership Training Model to Improve Safety CultureActiveUniversity of Denver
2018MPC-564Quantifying the Range of Variability in the Flexural Strength of Fiber Reinforced Concrete using Monte Carlo SimulationCompletedSouth Dakota State University
2018MPC-565Study on Structural Performance Evaluation of Double-Tee BridgesCompletedSouth Dakota State University
2018MPC-566Supporting Tribal Crash Data Utilization and Strengthening Institutional Capacity for Effective Traffic Safety ProgramsCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2018MPC-567Assessing Teen Driver Safety Parent Advisory Letter Intervention in Early and Full Implementation PhasesCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2018MPC-568Mitigation of Flooding-Related Traffic Disruptions with Green Infrastructure Stormwater ManagementCompletedColorado State University
2018MPC-569Traffic Performance Modeling and Planning of Emergency Medical Response in Rural AreasCompletedColorado State University
2018MPC-570Experiments and Modeling for Infrastructure Data-Derived Fuel Economy and Safety ImprovementsActiveColorado State University
2018MPC-571Monitoring Transportation Structure Integrity Loss and Risk with Structure-From-MotionActiveColorado State University
2018MPC-572Incorporating Tourism Data in Traffic Estimation on Wyoming Low-Volume RoadsCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2018MPC-573Proposing the Super DDI Design to Improve the Performance of Failing Service Interchanges in Mountain-Plains RegionCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2018MPC-574Proposing New Speed Limit in Mountainous Areas Considering the Effect of Longitudinal Grades, Vehicle Characteristics, and the Weather ConditionCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2018MPC-575Characterization of the Plant-Based Bio-Asphalt Binder and Bio-AdditivesActiveSouth Dakota State University
2018MPC-576Sustainable Alternative to Structurally Deficient BridgesCompletedSouth Dakota State University
2018MPC-577Uses and Challenges of Collecting LiDAR Data from a Growing Autonomous Vehicle Fleet: Implications for Infrastructure Planning and Inspection PracticesCompletedUtah State University
2018MPC-578Integrated Strategic and Operational Planning for a Fast-Charging Battery Electric Bus SystemActiveUtah State University
2018MPC-579Where the Sidewalk Ends: Equity Disparities with Respect to Municipal Maintenance PolicyCompletedUniversity of Colorado Denver
2018MPC-580Implementation of Precast Concrete Segments for Electrified RoadwayActiveUtah State University
2018MPC-581Structural Fiber Reinforcement to Reduce Deck Reinforcement and Improve Long-Term PerformanceCompletedUtah State University
2018MPC-582Safety Culture, Leadership & Fatigue in Transportation OperationsActiveUniversity of Denver
2018MPC-583Composite Repair for Concrete Bridges Subjected to Alkali-Silica ReactionCompletedUniversity of Colorado Denver
2018MPC-584Expanding the Capabilities of Business Commute Optimization System to Model Additional Transportation Alternatives and On-Demand NeedsActiveUniversity of Colorado Denver
2018MPC-585Constrained System-Optimal Route Planning in support of Fleet Route Planning, Ridesourcing, and RidesharingActiveUniversity of Colorado Denver
2017MPC-533Use of Life Cycle Cost Analysis to Enhance Inspection Planning for Transportation InfrastructureCompletedColorado State University
2017MPC-534Traffic Performance Assessment of Disrupted Roadway Networks Following EarthquakesCompletedColorado State University
2017MPC-535Development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Bridge Inspection ProceduresCompletedColorado State University
2017MPC-536Development of Age and State Dependent Stochastic Model for Improved Bridge Deterioration PredictionActiveColorado State University
2017MPC-537Quantifying Mountain Basin Runoff Mechanisms for Better Hydrologic Design of Bridges and CulvertsCompletedColorado State University
2017MPC-538Representative Testing of Expansive Soil Treatment Technologies for Transportation EarthworksActiveColorado State University
2017MPC-539Ultra-accelerated Method to Evaluate Recycled Concrete Aggregate in New ConstructionCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2017MPC-540Updating and Implementing the Grade Severity Rating System (GSRS) for Wyoming Mountain PassesCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2017MPC-541Assessing Road Conditions for Wyoming County Gravel RoadsCompletedUniversity of Wyoming
2017MPC-542Exploratory Modeling and Analysis for Automated Vehicles in UtahCompletedUniversity of Utah
2017MPC-543Big Transportation Data AnalyticsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2017MPC-544Lifecycle Assessment Using Snowplow Trucks' Automatic Vehicle Location DataCompletedUniversity of Utah
2017MPC-545Self-Centering Bridge Bent for Accelerated Bridge Construction in Seismic RegionsCompletedUniversity of Utah
2017MPC-546Field Performance of Asphalt Pavements at Low and Intermediate TemperaturesCompletedUniversity of Utah
2017MPC-547Infrastructure Safety Support System for Smart Cities with Autonomous VehiclesCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2017MPC-548Development of Models for the Prediction of Shear Strength of Swelling ClaysActiveNorth Dakota State University
2017MPC-549Benefit Cost Analysis of Railroad Track Monitoring Using Sensors On-Board Revenue Service TrainsCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2017MPC-550Safety Support System for Highway-Rail Grade CrossingCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2017MPC-551Automated Track Geometry Monitoring SystemCompletedNorth Dakota State University
2017MPC-552The Effects of Autonomous Vehicles on Safety and Safety Culture in Freight OperationsActiveUniversity of Denver
2017MPC-553Multi-Business Commute Optimization System: System Development and Pilot Case StudyCompletedUniversity of Colorado Denver
2017MPC-554Composite-based Rehabilitation of Constructed Bridge Girders with Grooved GeometricsCompletedUniversity of Colorado Denver
2017MPC-555Testing Irrationality in Metered Parking Payment ComplianceCompletedUniversity of Colorado Denver
2017MPC-556Forging a Path to Vision Zero in the US: A Critical Analysis of Road Safety in AustraliaCompletedUniversity of Colorado Denver
2017MPC-557Reassessing Child Pedestrian Mode Choice & Safety via Perceived Parental RiskCompletedUniversity of Colorado Denver
2017MPC-558Optimal Deployment of Dynamic Charging Lanes for Plug-in Hybrid TrucksActiveUtah State University
2017MPC-559Identifying Effective Travel Behavior Change Strategies for Poor Air Quality Events in Northern UtahActiveUtah State University
2017MPC-560Rapid Set Cement for Precast Prestressed Bridge Girder ApplicationsCompletedUtah State University
2017MPC-561Reliability-Based Assessment of Landslide Risk Along RoadwaysActiveUtah State University
2017MPC-562Evaluation of Durability and Structural Performance of Concrete with Embedded Inductive CoilsActiveUtah State University
2017MPC-563Optimized Adhesive Performance in Electronic Transportation Sign ConstructionCompletedSouth Dakota State University
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